Rarest of Rare – No rape, No molestation and this is what India did

Believe it or not, India has achieved something in a rarest of rare occasion and there was no rape or molestation of a single woman. This news is getting good traction in many circles and Indians are feeling proud as if ‘achhe din’ (good days) have come.

Before we tell you what just happened, we need to tell you that even many foreign nationals didn’t believe that India could do anything without any rape or molestation Even a few days ago in a foot overbridge collapse (Elphinstone bridge in Mumbai) when Indian men were busy saving lives (including women), it was found by some great Indian media houses that men were in fact molesting dying women. For this news coverage, The Hindu (a national Indian English media house that many Indians feel proud of) has also got the coveted ‘Pervertshri’ award as well. Some feminists however claimed the name of the award is sexist and depicts male chauvinism and should be changed to ‘Pervertshrimati’ as women have so far shown their leadership in this category. In Elphinstone bridge story as well, a woman journalist discovered that men were actually molesting women, which even Mumbai police could not find out.

The Independent, another prominent UK media copied this story from The Hindu, and gained a lot of popularity, too. Indian rape and molestation stories have given international media good business opportunity ever since 2012 Nirbhaya incident. The Pervertshris and Pervertshrimatis of Indian media create enough news for foreign media to copy paste and get easy popularity among voyeurs. With this new achievement by India, foreign media will surely be dejected.

We can stress so much that there was no rape or molestation involved in this because even Pervertshrimatis in The Hindu didn’t find any rape or molestation to be involved. They published the news like this –

Flyover built in India

So, a flyover is built in India without any rape angle established. Amazing!!

We have contacted some feminists and MRAs for their reaction. Ganjana Kumari, a prominent leader of a Delhi based feminist NGO has said, “when only 1% rape cases are reported, how will you find anything reported in this case. This proves how patriarchal India oppresses women.”

Feminist Writer, Scholar and 2017 Ted Talk participant Amla Gasin has however found structural injustice and implicit bias in this story. She said, the fact that some part of the road was made elevated with a straight long divider is symbolic representation of male phallus which provokes rape thought. She added, patriarchal India does not understand this structural bias in our structures and promised that she will soon write a book on this and will also deliver another TED Talk.

Activist Sudha Fartkar, who was under ED scanner a few years ago, because she was found to be stalling Govt. developmental projects by agitating locals, said that creating artificial structures on mother earth itself is raping the environment. With a long fart, she added that “Green Peas and other foreign bodies send us huge money to stop such projects in the interest of international community.”

MRAs have said all this is ‘meaningless’ and advised everyone to focus on some meaningful work.



10 crazy benefits of travel by BMTC Volvo bus in slow moving Bangalore traffic


Whenever it comes to travel and planning our travel we always think of exotic holidays by spending some good amount or by spending some chilling thrilling days. I have however changed my concept and enjoy holiday every single day and that too by spending an insignificant amount compared to every bit of imagination.

There was a time when I lived in other cities and went to Bangalore for tourism purpose. Today, I live in Bangalore and have my relaxing vacation every day even in my daily routine. Yeah I am talking of my daily life that makes everyone envy me. One integral part of it is this list of crazy benefits of traveling by BMTC Volvo bus in slow moving Bangalore traffic.

For those of you who go crazy in Bangalore traffic and are forced to spend more than double the normal time commuting in city roads; I find my leisure and daily vacation in this disgusting traffic. Here’s an holistic description of this crazy holiday idea –

Mode of transport

The mode of transport of my unique travel is BMTC Volvo bus.

Catalyst for fun

Slow paced Bangalore traffic.

Benefits and to-do activities in my style of vacation

1. Fixed cost

These buses can’t be booked through normal travel portals but these buses (with a nominal monthly charge) gives me the freedom to roam in the city unlimited number of times and explore nooks and corners of the city with no additional cost.

2. True vacation – everyday

Not only I can explore the city in my own terms, and whenever I feel like but I get to enjoy local activities at leisure whenever I feel like. It is like having vacation in my everyday life, explore the city, knowing locals and enjoying the city from within the comforts of Air Condition.

3. Recharge myself

These buses have an invisible recharge facility for our body and mind. Well, I sleep happily in these buses as soon as I get in whenever I feel like recharging my batteries. The cool blow of adjusted AC vents keeps my sleep undisturbed even when the sun is blazing the outside world. At times even on holidays when I don’t get sleep at home (because of the heat and no air-conditioning at home) I take recourse in these Volvo buses. Good afternoon slumber in case there is nothing to see.

4. Complete thrilling novels

You might have heard of people reading books while traveling. The BMTC Volvo buses in slow / no moving Bangalore traffic gives me enough time for completing whole novels in the bus. Since I am a blogger I do create new plots while commuting.

5. Perfect language learner

My daily journey by Volvo buses gives me enough opportunity to learn Kannada all by myself. Well, I just tune in to some Kannada FM channel and it teaches me the language while I am still on move. Crazy guys like me sometimes try all different ways to learn a language – even on a vacation (which comes everyday to me).

6. Complete con-calls

Crazy guys like me who can take their office along with them can complete their job on the go – even on a vacation. That is what I do. I have seen people completing their sales calls and customer calls too. Some of them open their log book as soon as they sit in a Volvo. If one a blogger, one can just record one’s daily activities during these journeys.

7. Day dreaming

Sleeping in air-condition in broad daylight with music of my choice on gives me perfect ambience for day dreaming – literally. Well, in those moments of half sleeps and half craziness I imagine wilder things. Some of those later get converted to stories or articles in my blogs. Sometime some others catch those ideas and innovate.

8. Complete my breakfast / lunch / dinner

Carrying a lunchbox or packed food to be eaten in my office and then coming out early forces me to complete my breakfast / lunch / dinner in the bus at times. There are some seats facing each other in these buses and they serve perfect as lunch tables.

9. Completely pollution free ride

Site seeing while getting a complete pollution free environment. These buses give complete site seeing facility as these have large window panes. Enjoy these rides as long as they are pollution free, because the moment people catch my idea of travelling then a lot of them will start following these ideas and at least sound pollution within the buss may increase.

10. Environment friendly eco ride

Inspired by this post if more and more people take these buses then Bangalore will be a congestion free city. When more people follow suit more will the advantage to the world.

This is my style of holidaying in Bangalore. Yeah, there are people who are disgusted with Bangalore traffic but there are people like me who find crazy benefits in everything. What is yours?

I wonder why do people hate slow moving Bangalore traffic and visit travel websites to search for Domestic Airlines.


Why Feminists and MRAs are at loggerheads over the movie Jurassic World

Jurassic World - The Movie

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Jurassic World has made MRAs and Feminists at loggerheads again with both sides claiming that this movie shows how the other side would have destroyed the world if they were not there to save it.

Jurassic World

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It all started when MRAs claimed that the entire destruction started with one irresponsible woman Zara who was supposed to look after the two kids Zach and Grey Mitchell visiting their aunt Claire Dearing. Zara was so irresponsible that she let the boys go unmonitored and the chaos in the park started. In the end it was the Owen who had to risk his life to save humanity.

Owen and Raptors

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Feminists however didn’t agree to this point. They claimed that it was the fault of the creators in the genetic lab that had created this beast with different dinosaur genes and didn’t know how to control them. Feminists also termed this as a symbol of male oppression that they had created a female beast to show women in bad light. So they have blamed men (who dominated the innovation lab) for this destruction.

MRAs have also busted the popular feminist myth of gender wage gap through this movie. They claimed that if Zara or Claire who worked in much safer roles in the park demanded as much salary as Owen or any other alpha who had direct life threat always in their job, that will only be detrimental for Park’s profitability. They claimed the reason women on average may earn less is that they contribute less or take up less risky or less technical roles.

MRAs have also lauded Park’s CEO Simon Masrani for his brilliant thought of creating new creatures with modified genes. According to them due this brilliance of men, human race could think of survival over the ages. They have also mentioned that this brilliance of men will help mankind to evolve and survive in future, too.

Jurassic World Exploration

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Feminists however didn’t let this opportunity go out of their hand. They lashed out at male dominated patriarchy for this oppression and gender imbalance in genetic labs. They said, it is well known that women scientists are doing extremely well in genetic sciences. In fact, most famous genetic scientists are women but still the head of park’s innovation center was a man. This clearly showed how men have dominated everywhere and an imbalance is created.


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MRAs have also shown how the character of Indominus Rex depicts the character of modern women. The fact that she could evade thermal detectors, camouflage and do all vile things together shows why men should be careful from all female species. Feminists however have lashed out at patriarchy over the same issue. They said, the fact that the patriarchal lab has created a female beast and kept her alone in a cage is a clear sign of male domination and female subordination. Without this trick she wouldn’t have been liberated from the clutches of evil patriarchy that had made women as their object of pleasure for ages. So feminists didn’t see anything wrong in her tricking the park employees. In fact, they claimed that if the male gender of any species does not respect the female gender of any other species then this kind of havoc is inevitable. They added that that the entire female population of all the global species realizes the male domination now and they want to come out of the clutches of evil patriarchy.

Zach and Gary

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Both MRAs and Feminists have praised the children Zach and Gary for their bravery and intelligence. Feminists have claimed that the engineering knowledge and presence of mind shown by them and the indomitable courage comes from their mother. However, some feminists have criticized Zach’s staring at the girls in the park when they were standing in a queue. They termed that as age-old male oppression and viewing women as sex objects. They claimed that this trait had come from the patriarchy.

MRAs however refuted feminist claim that the kids learnt engineering skills from their mother. They claimed it is always men who marvel in engineering and courage. These two kids show traits of true male heroes who represent a promising future for mankind. MRAs also lashed out at feminists saying that the fact that these kids went astray in the park comes from irresponsible behavior of Zara but in the end one of these two kids intelligence became saving grace for the park (N.B. It was Gary who gave the idea of bringing T Rex into the last fight of the dinos).


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In the end, Zara was killed by one of the escaping pterosaurs from the aviary and that has made feminists angry too. They lashed out at male patriarchy that failed to save one of the employees and claimed that it was their carelessness that had killed Zara. MRAs however blamed Zara’s own foolishness for this as they claimed when she should have either been running for cover under attack or evading those beasts. She was standing and trying to be brave when she was not and was eventually killed.


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The movie shows that finally a female Mosasaurus living in the sea waters drag Indominus under water killing the same. MRAs say that it teaches them a lesson that only female monsters are needed to kill feminist beasts. Feminists however see this as women coming forward and rescuing the world from further danger created by patriarchal oppression.

We have however enjoyed the movie thoroughly when we watched it and didn’t have time to bother about such thoughts. We recommend our readers to watch the movie in 3D and tell us what they think of this debate raging between the feminists and MRAs world over.


*A humaar exclusive