I withdrew when she said ‘No’ during sex, we are getting divorced now

No in relationship

I really don’t understand why it is so difficult for people to understand that, “No Means No”. I searched in all reliable dictionaries and I didn’t find any other meaning or use that could possibly mean ‘yes’ or ‘May be’ etc. Also, I don’t know what it means to be a feeble ‘No’ or strong ‘No’ or how the meaning of same word could possibly differ. But surprisingly, I am getting divorced today, for believing ‘No’ means ‘No’.

We got married after matching our astrology and there it gave us 7/7 in ‘love’ koota milan. That meant we were meant to be a happily loving couple. And believe me, even though we couldn’t break our bed in first night, we could somehow retained that fervor for at least one year after our marriage. No, don’t think I am one of those porn guys who could last forever. We somehow learnt some tricks of the game to stay longer and ‘role plays’ were a good method for us. Many Indian couples resort to role plays nowadays, that really creates that extra enthusiasm in them.

From the beginning, we were very open about sex. We believed that sex may not be the only component in a love life, but it is one of very important components if not the most important. So, both of us were open about our past relationships, crushes, early fetishes etc. and we took vows to fulfill each other’s wildest dreams. No matter what it could mean for the other person unless it was life threatening or a criminal offense. Once we both decided to have wild wild sex in our car in a lonely road. Oh, believe me, that was ecstatic.

But what I wanted to tell you, happened in our bed room. We were playing roles of a boss and his lady assistant. She told me that she had a crush on one of her previous bosses and wanted to have sex with him. But he turned out to be kind of geeky and moral person. Since I worked in Engineering concerns or high-tech jobs throughout my life, I never had any opportunity to have sexy female assistants or colleagues. For me, my wife was all the more beautiful. She was my hottest assistant, she was my Sunny Leaone. But, truly speaking I too had a crush on someone in one of my previous organizations. She was the Executive Assistant to the CEO. No matter how odd my other colleagues looked, she was the Bong hotbod around. Many VPs and Directors were behind her and she was completely out of my reach. I thought this was my chance to imagine her in my bed while we engaged in this role play. You know it is very important for the man to really MAN up in these occasions.

She played a not very submissive assistant, but kind of tricky and flirty one who would allow you to come near her but not touch her. Ufff, that part was thrilling. Convincing a woman to have sex and undressing her one by one. It is better that women don’t take action too fast, else all our self-control will burst out too soon. This made us last really looooong in foreplay and raise the excitement gradually. She was trying all deft tricks to keep me away while I was becoming more desperate to come near her.

But even the wildest boars are tamed by man, so naturally that wild boar also got tamed and became ecstatic in foreplay. Soon, we both were undressed, with me caressing and fondling her vigorously and kissing her all over. She became so much aroused that released once but that ecstasy kept her wanting for more. She wanted more and more and it was very difficult for me to hold for long.

We both were rolling on the bed and vigorously caressing and expressing love for each other. Our love grew as our wildest fantasies came alive in our role play. She was tightly gripping two pillows with her two fingers while her body was bent like a bow in ecstasy. I was licking her body all over and both were at the ultimate level of excitement. By that time, she started making love making sounds and moaning …

“…aaah, yes, yes, …more, aaahhhhh, oh nooo…don’t…stop…aahhh”

As I heard her uttering words like, ‘No’, ‘Stop’, ‘Don’t’; I immediately withdrew myself. The last thing I wanted in my relationship was me end up raping my wife. I really hated ‘Marital Rape’ and believed that it should be considered as cruel as any other ‘rape’.

So, I withdrew myself completely and took my hands off her. By then she was almost bent and her back formed a bow that I was holding tightly while caressing. As I withdrew myself and took my hands off her, she had a great fall at the corner of the bed and got hurt. With this sudden change of her mind and the feeling of me possibly raping her even my orgasm had a sudden great fall.

But, to my surprise she became furious with my sudden withholding from the act and not fulfilling her desire. She kicked me with choicest abuses and that immediately sucked my manhood inside me. I tried to reason her that it was she who wanted me to stop, it was she who said ‘No’, ‘Stop’ etc and that is why I didn’t proceed. But she became even more furious with that. Her claim was I was an idiot and that she actually wanted me to continue forever without stopping. But the damage was done. With that shock and her abuses, all my energy suddenly vanished.

She left my house the next morning. She complained that I was impotent and filed for divorce under cruelty.

I am still wondering, does ‘No’ really mean ‘No’ or sometimes it means a strong ‘yes’. Someone, please help me.



If Amitabh Bachchan had ever visited a courtroom in India

In a promo of his upcoming movie Pink Amitabh Bachchan has said that he had never visited any Indian courtroom –

If Sr. Bachchan had ever visited a courtroom he would have understood how the real life is different from his reel life.

The glossy varnished Teak and Mahogany furniture Amitabh would have seen on the sets of Pink and that he could have used as a mirror to adjust his ponytail – would have given him a jolt in reality. The worn out and dilapidated chairs and tables including those of the judges’ own and broken and thrown away benches would have given him a real pinch.

The well decorated courtrooms and well-behaved people peacefully seated on benches as shown in Indian movies including Pink is a rarity. These on screen portrayal of our courts show it is better for people like Amitji not to visit a court room. Because he may be shocked to find him standing beside most dreaded criminals and jostling for space.

Our on-screen court rooms are all neatly maintained and surprisingly all files are seen in their own place. In most movies we don’t even find enough files suitable for the stature of court shown in movies. However, in a real court room even a tall person like Mr. Bachchan would have vanished within the piles of files. Luckily the bench clerks and judges seat in higher podiums, else even they would have been invisible. If Bachchan had ever presented his arguments in a real court there are chances that he would have presented them to a bunch of files, because the judges were hidden behind the files.

Mr. Bachchan should feel lucky to present his case in Pink in an on screen courtroom with all attention focused on his arguments. In a real courtroom even a person of his stature would have found it difficult to be heard. With chaos all over, people taking calls just outside the court rooms in loud voices, and inside the court room every other advocate trying to push for his case makes even cross questioning inaudible. If the Pink scene was shot in a real courtroom, the witness’ statements wouldn’t have been heard given the distance of the witness box from the judge’s desk. Sometimes there is no witness box or the witness box is covered under piles of litigation files.

If Mr. Bachchan had ever visited a real courtroom wearing full advocate attire, he would have realized why advocates can’t keep their cool and why judges also feel like giving dates rather than judgements. Because for deciding on any case a judge needs to necessarily hear out both parties patiently in the sweltering heat inside the courtrooms. The heat of crowd inside the courtrooms just adds to hot and humid Indian weather with non-functioning overhead fans makes anyone lose temper. Amitji would have found himself lucky if those fans really worked.

Last but not the least, the amount of dust he would have encountered in a real Indian courtroom and the mice, lizard and other beautiful creations of nature, he would have thanked all possible Gods that he is not an advocate in his real life.

In short, a visit to an average Indian courtroom would have left him pink faced, literally.

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Epic reply of a guy to a second marriage proposal of a lady

Marriage Proposal2

A man gets a second marriage proposal from the family of a lady like this –

Marriage Proposal

He sends an epic reply that bares open today’s society and also tickles our funny bones-

Dear groom hunters,

I am really honored to see your proposal to offer me the apple of your eyes. Since you are not yet dead (or are you?) I think it will be inhumane for me to take away the forbidden apple from you and make you both blinds. Then along with your daughter I will also be responsible to maintain both of you. That will be a very cruel approach to make people blind in their lifetime and since I can’t give anyone eyesight, I have no right to take away the same, too.

I understand that you were a Probashi Bengali family in Delhi – the rape capital of India. We know that men there are rapists and NDTV once said that 75% Indian wives are raped in their lifetime. We also know from Amnesty International that only 1% rape cases in India are reported. Since NDTV and Amnesty says Delhi is the rape capital of India, I have every reason to believe that she may be a result of rape (born in Kolkata).

It is also great to know that both the siblings are rooted to traditions but my little brain could not understand how tradition and modern outlook can be mixed. For example, our tradition said, after attaining puberty women can’t enter sanctum of certain deities, modern outlook as told by Trupti Desai and her Godmother gang is to kick our traditional faiths and create new tradition. Our tradition also said, women (and men) needed to dress decently and be civil in nature. However, modern outlook as propagated by our mainstream media says women are not empowered unless they go naked, semi naked etc. in public and create a debate on everything pertaining to dress. So when you said your daughter is rooted to tradition with a modern outlook, did you mean that they know tradition is better but follow the modern outlook? Sorry, my little brain do not understand this complex behavior and I think I am very insignificant person in front of your daughter. Thus, it is well understood why her last marriage lasted only for one month. That poor guy would not have understood the greatness of your modern values.

Her description in her own words also leaves me spellbound, (Literally, I feel completely incompetent as I don’t understand her statement). I feel humble once again by the crafty language there.

I appreciate that she is a strong lady (so hopefully she will not get unnecessary ailments) with her head strongly held on her shoulders. So now I understand that she is a headstrong person. Believe me, after reading this I have checked my head and its position. Surprisingly, even I found my head held above my shoulder and didn’t fall off even when I shook it both ways. But I found my head and neck to be flexible and not strong headed like her. When I felt her other body parts could also be strong, I felt very weak within and found my strength not matching hers (after all, post marriage how can I protect such a strong lady?).

I was surprised to see that even such a strong lady can have nightmares in her marriage. Did he marry a WWE wrestler? Honestly, I don’t find any person suitable for her other than a WWE wrestler and I am obviously not the one.

In the end you mentioned that you are looking for a cheerful, kind, educated and well established Bengali guy. I am not sure if any WWE wrestler is kind (at least their on-screen behavior does not make me feel so) or educated. I am also not sure if any Bengali guy had ever made it to WWE arena. So I guess you are looking for a product that is surely not me and I am not sure where that exist.

I am not sure why you are looking for a guy previously married and without any child. Are you looking for an impotent guy? Or someone who broke up within one month of his marriage like your daughter did and hence does not have any child? Don’t you think that if the guy was kind enough, his wife would not have left him (or he would not have divorced his wife)? Also, I am not sure why your strong daughter is looking for a well-established groom and not a poor and jobless one. As a strong person she can maintain such a person, can’t she?

I don’t understand why are you looking for a respected Bengali family in a divorced man? One who is already divorced and well established, is likely to have criminal cases filed against him to get share of his money and property. So even if such a guy and family ever existed, that family is most likely to be known as wife-beaters, dowry seekers and rapists today. They would have already been forced to shell out a lot of money to settle their cases outside court to keep their honor. So most likely they are already poor now.

Overall, I find that you are looking for an impossible match for your daughter. Definitely, I am not the one. I am feeling lucky today because I was not married to your daughter in my first marriage, then I would have become very poor in one month time. If you find anyone matching your criteria, do let me know. We are planning to create a human museum of rare species humans. He will be our first collection.

Best wishes.

Five awesome reasons to watch Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2

PKP2, Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2If you are wondering why you should watch the latest Bollywood blockbuster Pyaar Ka Punchnama 2 popularly known as PKP2, then we have these five awesome reasons for you to watch this movie –

1. PKP2 is super hilarious

If you are just trying to get a complete entertainment and forget all your pain of life, just go and watch the movie PKP2 without even a second thought. This kind of super hilarious movie is not made for a long time.

PKP2, Pyaar ka Punchnama2 poster

 2. PKP2 is full of life

If you are wondering what is the single best component that this movie has to offer that it is complete depiction of modern life. Here is a glimpse –

3. PKP2 is modern life simplified

Did we forget the basic lessons of life? Are we running after outside glamour, brands endorsed only and forgetting the real values of life? Or Are we taking our relations too casually? This PKP2 song reminds us of our unnecessary obsession for brands we wear rather than the person in them –

4. PKP2 signature monologue

The signature monologue of Pyaar ka Punchnama 2 has created a new sensation this time. It is longer and even more interesting. The points delivered through this monologue will keep you glued to your seat throughout.

You can experience that PKP2 signature monologue in theaters but here’s what you will not see in theatres –

5. Be a pPKP2, Pyaar Ka Punchnama2art of awesome experience with PKP2

When you are in there, just be a part of an awesome PKP2 audience that will fill your life with endless cheers. The young crowd who visited the theatres were full of cheers. Even women enjoyed the movie to the fullest. So be there with your friends and have an awesome experience in your life.


MRAs demand wife cooking in Saffolalife is “Attempt to murder”

Men who had so far innocently believed Saffola oils to be good for their heart are getting goose bumps nowadays with latest Saffola campaign urging people to save the hearts of the women in the house.

Broken heart

This is because the reality is, it is the men who are at greater risk of heart disease than women. Several studies have shown that women are safer from heart disease because of the hormone estrogen flowing in their body. This keeps their arteries safer and clogging free. Only women in their post menopause suffer similar threat to their hearts as men face in their entire lifetime.

After a men’s website revealed that men die of heart disease more than women and they are at greater risk from heart disease because of lifestyle changes, many men are suffering from insomnia and losing their sleep over their trust on Saffola for so many years.

Men have realized that the brand did not do any study ever while developing the oil and they fear that the oil may actually be harmful for their health.

Doctors who were prescribing Saffola oils for so many years have stopped prescribing the same and many of them have gone underground as allegations of they being associated in false promotion of the brand surfaced.

This table of India’s death statistics published in India Today sometime back is in circulation on the web is good enough to give men heart attack even without consuming Saffola’s oils –

Top 10 reasons of death

Men’s rights groups are thinking of starting a campaign to include cooking by Saffola oils by the wife should be considered attempt to murder the husband. They allege that it is another cool way to kill the husband.

While Indian husband’s stop buying the oil, India’s growing empowered women population feel truly empowered with another cold blooded murder weapon in their hands.


Now Domestic Violence can be enjoyable for women

Domestic Violence

Believe it or not now domestic violence can be enjoyable for women if we believe in the new recommendations of a women’s NGO. Pune based woman’s NGO and trust Anti Domestic Violence Unified Trust (ADVUT) has given an ADVUT recommendation to govt. of India for rehabilitation of domestic violence victims that can make domestic violence enjoyable for women.

In a recommendation, the chairman of the ADVUT trust Ms. Deepika Kamineni has said every year more than 1 lakh cases were filed under IPC 498a. These are basically replicas of the DV complaints as well. It is observed that all over the India women suffering from such domestic violence complaint about same crime against them. The standard DV and 498a complaint in India shows that –

  1. Husbands are generally drunkards but many of them still show them as teetotalers during their marriage
  2. Husbands beat their wives under the influence of alcohol (we are not sure if beating the wife without any alcohol is fine)
  3. Husband throws away the wife out of her matrimonial home only in the middle of the night
  4. Husbands are also sexual offenders. In some cases the same husbands are also impotent or gays as exposed in the divorce cases filed by their wives
  5. All husbands don’t provide for their wives’ food and in most cases the wife’s family take care of their house as well

Women’s groups also claim that women are so afraid that they don’t file any complaint even after being thrown out of their house in the middle of the night and live on the mercy of their husbands. They tolerate these atrocities for years before raising any complaint. Under these circumstances ADVUT team proposes a new rehabilitation program that many finds very strange recommendation.

As per this ADVUT recommendation women thrown out in the middle of the night can start a girl’s night out plan in their locality. Since the number of women thus violated is increasing day by day, now every locality has enough women to plan a night’s out.

For this purpose ADVUT team proposes to build temporary night hang out zones for these battered women, who instead of waiting at their doorstep for the husband to open the door and take them in, can hang out have some nice socialization and return home next morning. Ms. Kamineni has claimed that with this ADVUT recommendation now they will achieve the following –

  1. Women will have a life outside their matrimonial homes
  2. They will not be subjected to sexual violence by their husbands at night because they will be out unless feminist groups can find out some really innovative distant rape theory
  3. When drunkard men return to their homes their wives will go out voluntarily and these men will have to take their children to bed. One less work for the homemakers.
  4. Since husbands will not be able to beat their wives at night they will have no option but to bang their own head against the wall. If they die, that will be addition to their growing suicide rate that no one bothers and now MRAs can’t blame the wives as responsible for those husband suicides, too.
  5. The crime rate will automatically come down with more and more women hanging out at night. It is said that all nights will be crime free as men will be indoors banging their heads.
  6. The ADVUT team is seeking additional 1000 crore budgetary approval from the govt. to buy these women smart phones as a security device. All these women have to do is to take a selfie anytime a crime happens (or not) and upload the same on social media and Indian media and feminists will find out the culprit and will punish him instantly through social media. ADVUT claims that with this new measure will drastically reduce the crime rate and will make nights safer for Indian women.
  7. ADVUT team also proposes that some of these women can now happily visit the neighbor’s house for their paramours. In this way women will have their sexual freedom and variety as well and the divorce rate will come down.

Some feminist groups like Shemen are however skeptical about these recommendations. They said, “we need to see that in these cases the husbands should not get sexual freedom in return. Neighbor’s wife coming to their house at night may be bonanza for many Indian husbands and that needs to be stopped at any price.”

Indian MGTOWs seem to have all smiles with these recommendations. MGTOW Mr. Byathit Rajapara has commented that – “This shows the rise of MGTOW philosophy in India.” He added, “Looks like this is a really ADVUT suggestion that works for both contrasting philosophies of feminists as well as MGTOWs.”


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Hot on social media – Jasleen Kaur Jokes

Social media is abuzz with Jasleen Kaur jokes. If you have not seen them yet, here are some for you –


Why did men stop jumping red light in NCR region?

Because they fear that Jasleen may be crossing the road anytime.



Why is Arnab so confident that Jasleen was not wrong?

Because he was told that during the incident Jasleen was always on the right side.


Why is Rajnikant jealous of Jasleen?

Rajnikant jokes has become second in popularity to “Jasleen Kaur jokes.



Why is Arvind Kejriwal jealous of Rajnikant?

Because of him, Kejriwal jokes is not getting the second place in popularity. Jasleen Kaur jokes is anyways number one now.


daydream-Why is Jasleen happy about jokes on her?

Because she thinks now she is as famous as Rajnikant (LOl)


Why did Jasleen chose only Sarabjeet and not others at the crossing?

He looked right age, religion and with money too.


Why was Kejriwal happy about Jasleen framing Sarabjeet?

At least he was spared.



Why was DCW chief happy about Jasleen filing an FIR?

She has got something to show in her next performance appraisal.


Jasleen met Sarabjeet, he was arrested!

She went to Times Now, their TRP fell!!

Now Arvind Kejriwal is scared of meeting her. (lol)


Pachas Pachas aur deshon mein jab bhi koi bachcha Bike ki zid karta hai toh uski ma bolti hai – “Beta itna zid mat kar, Jasleen aa jaayegi”


If Salman Khan promotes the brand “Being Human”

Which brand should Lallita Pawar promote?

“Being Jasleen”

And what brand should Jasleen Kaur promote?

“Being Criminal”


Now feminists see patriarchal conspiracy of character assassination of Jasleen because the controversy was around a red light?



Why did she post Sarabjeet’s photo on social media even after going to police?

Otherwise her friends would not know who she was stalking.


Why on Zee News interview, Jasleen initially wanted to pardon Sarabjeet and said she was not interested?

Because she thought it was opportunity to date a handsome dude.

But why did she retract again in two minutes?

She came to know that he lost his job.



Jasleen is the only girl who can make Arnab believe that if she posts a selfie with a guy, the guy becomes a rapist.


Behenji mujhe left jane hai….

Abe behenji kisse bola? Ruk mamaji ko bhejte hai tere ghar mein..

…Rakhi sar pe hai…


Jasleen Kaur is such an abala nari that she can give Nirupa Roy a run for her money.


Why did she later delete the embedded tweet of Vikas Yogi that had Sarabjeet’s photo in there?

Two dudes together, created too much heat in her life.


Why does Arnab call so many participants in his debate?

Times Now Debate on Jasleen

So that at least their followers watch his show. In any case they will be on mute if don’t talk what Arnab wants to hear.


Why do feminists like hiding the names of women like Jasleen who complain about crime against them?

So that these women can continue filing such false complaints and be eternal victims and true feminists.


i.mobofree.comWhy did UN security council call for an emergency meeting immediately after Jasleen Kaur Incident?

To prepare a UN General Secretary speech on Jasleen incident.

Then why didn’t he deliver the speech?

Because Jasleen’s fame was “Made in China”, lost in a few hours.

Then why did the council called for another emergency meeting the next day?

To discuss the future of their “HeForShe” campaign.


Who is the most high profile expat in India, who has updated his profile on Monster recently?

The Brand Ambassador of UNWomen India. He does not find any future for their “HeForShe” campaign and fear jobloss.


devil-animated-Why is China angry on Jasleen?

Their patent, “Made in China” is hijacked by Jasleen. The new slogan for cheap and non-durable products and service is “Made by Jasleen”.


Why are no mothers giving the name Jasleen to their newborns?

They fear that even their daughters will bring terrible future for them.


What is the new synonym for “Panauti” in Hindi dictioneries?

“Jasleen Kaur”



Why did Indian Supreme Court has become jobless suddenly?

Times Now has taken over all their pending cases for speedy delivery of verdict.


Why are all Indian judges taking sabbatical?

They are joining Times Now crash course on “Speedy delivery of verdict”


Why is “Shame” also ashamed today?

She saw Jasleen Kaur.


What is cost saving method to maintain traffic on the roads?

Jasleen Kaur cutouts instead of traffic signals.


Why are Rohtak Sisters angry over Jasleen Kaur?

They got serious competition now.



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Feminists fooled by “Selfie Against Dowry” campaign

MRAs are once again all smiles and rejoicing with the new feminist campaign called “Selfie Against Dowry” getting much needed attention and focus. If the news articles are to be believed, then this movement is supposed to have started by a Haryana village. Recently, Union Minister for Women and Child Development also praised this campaign on ministry’s Facebook page –

Maneka Gadhi on Selfie Against Dowry

Our secret sources confirmed that some MRAs have already started partying with such feminist propaganda and they are secretly laughing at feminists.

We have secretly posed our emissaries in MRA dens to find out why they were rejoicing over the success of a feminist campaign and came to know that this campaign was created by some Haryana men in fear of increasing menace of false dowry industry in the state.

NCRB Data that has come in the hands of Humaar team revealed that there has been a consistent rise in filing false dowry cases under IPC 498a in the state –

Dowry cases filed in Haryana

Source – NCRB

With an average acquittal rate of 90% in all years, it is said that only false cases are increasing in the state. The men who have started this campaign under feminism and as a movement for women’s rights in the state; were very afraid of the rising habit of filing such false cases and wanted to gather evidences beforehand to prove their innocence. They were especially intimidated after the release of 2013 crime data by NCRB which has shown a staggering 15.3% growth in such cases in last year. It is revealed that after Rohtak sisters getting bravery award and the State Commission for Women not being punished for giving bravery award to criminals, the male feminists in the state are very afraid of such cases.

Our secret sources has confirmed that this fear has led to the starting of campaign “Selfie Against Dowry” by these feminist men, where they are taking selfie with their wife as a future evidence that they had not taken any dowry in their marriage and their wife has consciously (without any coercion) has taken selfie with them as a proof. These are mostly the men who fear immediate false cases under IPC 498a. Legal experts are saying this may save these men from false cases in near future but not in the long run. They said, a wife can always create new stories of dowry torture to implicate her husband.

Our secret sources have also confirmed that some MRAs are planning a gala celebration over this self- made defeat by these feminists. They believe that this campaign actually shows everyone how the false dowry case menace has increased in the state.


MRAs lost their way, ended up in police station


A bunch of MRAs who were protesting against IPC 498A on 5th May at Jantar Mantar Delhi, lost their way and ended up being arrested.

A police spokesperson from parliament street police station in Delhi said, that they were going loitering around parliament and were arrested for breaking section 144. It is said that a total of 126 persons were arrested.


Feminists however didn’t waste this opportunity to lash out at MRAs. Commenting on this incident, leader of Worldwide Oppressed Women (WOW) Ms. Pidita has said, MRAs are already diverted lot. No wonder they have lost their way.

Feminist Sanjana Kumari said, this incident proves that men always need women with them for proper direction. Unless MRAs understand that, they will always be lost.

When we said that there were some women MRAs too in the crowd, she said those women might be forced by the men to join them. She demanded a high level inquiry into the matter of women being part of the lost crowd. “This is the reason we want to empower women, so that they don’t fall in trap of men easily”, she added.

Commenting on the incident another famous feminist, researcher, writer and Supreme Court advocate Sylvia Agnes said, this is the reason we wanted marital rape to come in force at the earliest. She described women being forced to lose their way by men as a symbol of how Indian women can be manipulated by men in their everyday life. If this happens in broad daylight, then imagine what happens in the for walls of bedroom.

However, new found celebrity Deepika Kumari who fights for men’s rights in India didn’t agree to the feminist logic. She said it was my choice to go to jail with my fellow brothers.

It is reported that MRAs have faced misandry even in police station where women were released earlier than men but those refused to go without their brothers.

Sociologist Mira Krishan, who has been appearing in many debates recently has commented that “the fact that women didn’t want to go out of the PS, shows our patriarchal mindset. Even women don’t understand that they are being oppressed. This shows that international researchers are right that women undergoing domestic violence or rape do not understand the wrong happening against them. This is the reason why international organizations like UN Women need to interfere in their daily life including bedrooms”. She has supported another criminal law provision for marital rape this way and said, when women don’t understand that they are raped UN needs to interfere without fail. She also added that men’s demand of a men’s commission is oppressive and will create gender bias is the society.

MRAs however are not ready to accept this. Commenting on this Mr. Birup Sarkar a well known MRA has said, “we don’t need international monitory of our bedrooms. Feminist comments make it clear that they actually don’t want women to speak their mind and stand up against feminists.”

Looks like men’s rights groups have gained some brownie points by being arrested after their dharna at Jantar Mantar. Their cause was discussed in parliament and a Haryana MP came to their dharna place in his own (without invitation) and asked them to give a memorandum to him with their demands so that he can speak about them in parliament. Analysts are seeing this as a big win for MRAs and feminists have all reasons to worry because if more men become anti-feminists then UN campaign HeForShe will surely be in doldrums.