If Amitabh Bachchan had ever visited a courtroom in India

In a promo of his upcoming movie Pink Amitabh Bachchan has said that he had never visited any Indian courtroom –

If Sr. Bachchan had ever visited a courtroom he would have understood how the real life is different from his reel life.

The glossy varnished Teak and Mahogany furniture Amitabh would have seen on the sets of Pink and that he could have used as a mirror to adjust his ponytail – would have given him a jolt in reality. The worn out and dilapidated chairs and tables including those of the judges’ own and broken and thrown away benches would have given him a real pinch.

The well decorated courtrooms and well-behaved people peacefully seated on benches as shown in Indian movies including Pink is a rarity. These on screen portrayal of our courts show it is better for people like Amitji not to visit a court room. Because he may be shocked to find him standing beside most dreaded criminals and jostling for space.

Our on-screen court rooms are all neatly maintained and surprisingly all files are seen in their own place. In most movies we don’t even find enough files suitable for the stature of court shown in movies. However, in a real court room even a tall person like Mr. Bachchan would have vanished within the piles of files. Luckily the bench clerks and judges seat in higher podiums, else even they would have been invisible. If Bachchan had ever presented his arguments in a real court there are chances that he would have presented them to a bunch of files, because the judges were hidden behind the files.

Mr. Bachchan should feel lucky to present his case in Pink in an on screen courtroom with all attention focused on his arguments. In a real courtroom even a person of his stature would have found it difficult to be heard. With chaos all over, people taking calls just outside the court rooms in loud voices, and inside the court room every other advocate trying to push for his case makes even cross questioning inaudible. If the Pink scene was shot in a real courtroom, the witness’ statements wouldn’t have been heard given the distance of the witness box from the judge’s desk. Sometimes there is no witness box or the witness box is covered under piles of litigation files.

If Mr. Bachchan had ever visited a real courtroom wearing full advocate attire, he would have realized why advocates can’t keep their cool and why judges also feel like giving dates rather than judgements. Because for deciding on any case a judge needs to necessarily hear out both parties patiently in the sweltering heat inside the courtrooms. The heat of crowd inside the courtrooms just adds to hot and humid Indian weather with non-functioning overhead fans makes anyone lose temper. Amitji would have found himself lucky if those fans really worked.

Last but not the least, the amount of dust he would have encountered in a real Indian courtroom and the mice, lizard and other beautiful creations of nature, he would have thanked all possible Gods that he is not an advocate in his real life.

In short, a visit to an average Indian courtroom would have left him pink faced, literally.

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