This is the first ever sneek peek into ‘Save The Girl Child’

After Keegan Pinto and FCB Ulka’s take on how to save boys from becoming predators ‘Beti Bachao’ activists are coming up with another campaign called ‘Save The Girl Child’. This campaign will feature little primary school girls saying some of the areas that their parents can help them from childhood.

We have grabbed some of the snapshots from the video but removed the girls and put some silhouettes.

SaveTheGirlChild 7

These girls appear in the video and appeal to their parents in Hindi (translated verbatim into English) like – “Mummy, me today. Save me from becoming a child molester.


They say, “save me from becoming a misandrist. Save me today or tomorrow I will hate papa you, my little brother and I will kill my own son. Do you want me to think my papa as a rapist, brother as a molester? No right? Save me mummy, save me papa”


“Save me mummy from becoming a rapist and then being a victim. Please stop me from raping innocent boys as now 16 year olds can also be termed a rapist by me.”


One three year old appear and say in her sweet voice – “Mummy, help me today from filing false rape case against my papa, otherwise tomorrow I will file a rape case against him. Stop me from raping my husband and then claiming him impotent”.


A four year old appear in a pink frock and say – “Mummy, papa stop me today from becoming a feminist criminal who hides behind feminism to hide from all her criminal activity. Please save me from being that bitch who wants to destroy our children.”


A five year old preschooler says in the film – “Save me mummy from being a parasite on other men and then calling them predators. Save me papa from being a parasite on the society where I won’t contribute anything but will expect all benefits. Save me else even after I get best education, training and job I will still be parasite.”


“Save me mummy, save me today else I will become a nudist in the name of feminism and will think showing ‘private parts in public’ as my right. Save me or I will think abuses and sexist comments against boys and men as my empowerment. Save me else slut walk will be my daily activity.”

This video ends with a note – “Because if you save me today, you will help in completely destroying this misogynist nation. Let’s show patriarchy a taste of cruelty.”

Surely this is going to be a new era in women’s rights.