Epic reply of a guy to a second marriage proposal of a lady

Marriage Proposal2

A man gets a second marriage proposal from the family of a lady like this –

Marriage Proposal

He sends an epic reply that bares open today’s society and also tickles our funny bones-

Dear groom hunters,

I am really honored to see your proposal to offer me the apple of your eyes. Since you are not yet dead (or are you?) I think it will be inhumane for me to take away the forbidden apple from you and make you both blinds. Then along with your daughter I will also be responsible to maintain both of you. That will be a very cruel approach to make people blind in their lifetime and since I can’t give anyone eyesight, I have no right to take away the same, too.

I understand that you were a Probashi Bengali family in Delhi – the rape capital of India. We know that men there are rapists and NDTV once said that 75% Indian wives are raped in their lifetime. We also know from Amnesty International that only 1% rape cases in India are reported. Since NDTV and Amnesty says Delhi is the rape capital of India, I have every reason to believe that she may be a result of rape (born in Kolkata).

It is also great to know that both the siblings are rooted to traditions but my little brain could not understand how tradition and modern outlook can be mixed. For example, our tradition said, after attaining puberty women can’t enter sanctum of certain deities, modern outlook as told by Trupti Desai and her Godmother gang is to kick our traditional faiths and create new tradition. Our tradition also said, women (and men) needed to dress decently and be civil in nature. However, modern outlook as propagated by our mainstream media says women are not empowered unless they go naked, semi naked etc. in public and create a debate on everything pertaining to dress. So when you said your daughter is rooted to tradition with a modern outlook, did you mean that they know tradition is better but follow the modern outlook? Sorry, my little brain do not understand this complex behavior and I think I am very insignificant person in front of your daughter. Thus, it is well understood why her last marriage lasted only for one month. That poor guy would not have understood the greatness of your modern values.

Her description in her own words also leaves me spellbound, (Literally, I feel completely incompetent as I don’t understand her statement). I feel humble once again by the crafty language there.

I appreciate that she is a strong lady (so hopefully she will not get unnecessary ailments) with her head strongly held on her shoulders. So now I understand that she is a headstrong person. Believe me, after reading this I have checked my head and its position. Surprisingly, even I found my head held above my shoulder and didn’t fall off even when I shook it both ways. But I found my head and neck to be flexible and not strong headed like her. When I felt her other body parts could also be strong, I felt very weak within and found my strength not matching hers (after all, post marriage how can I protect such a strong lady?).

I was surprised to see that even such a strong lady can have nightmares in her marriage. Did he marry a WWE wrestler? Honestly, I don’t find any person suitable for her other than a WWE wrestler and I am obviously not the one.

In the end you mentioned that you are looking for a cheerful, kind, educated and well established Bengali guy. I am not sure if any WWE wrestler is kind (at least their on-screen behavior does not make me feel so) or educated. I am also not sure if any Bengali guy had ever made it to WWE arena. So I guess you are looking for a product that is surely not me and I am not sure where that exist.

I am not sure why you are looking for a guy previously married and without any child. Are you looking for an impotent guy? Or someone who broke up within one month of his marriage like your daughter did and hence does not have any child? Don’t you think that if the guy was kind enough, his wife would not have left him (or he would not have divorced his wife)? Also, I am not sure why your strong daughter is looking for a well-established groom and not a poor and jobless one. As a strong person she can maintain such a person, can’t she?

I don’t understand why are you looking for a respected Bengali family in a divorced man? One who is already divorced and well established, is likely to have criminal cases filed against him to get share of his money and property. So even if such a guy and family ever existed, that family is most likely to be known as wife-beaters, dowry seekers and rapists today. They would have already been forced to shell out a lot of money to settle their cases outside court to keep their honor. So most likely they are already poor now.

Overall, I find that you are looking for an impossible match for your daughter. Definitely, I am not the one. I am feeling lucky today because I was not married to your daughter in my first marriage, then I would have become very poor in one month time. If you find anyone matching your criteria, do let me know. We are planning to create a human museum of rare species humans. He will be our first collection.

Best wishes.


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