Here is the proof that Man ‘alone’ is responsible for all violence

When I was thinking about the #SachchiAdvice that anyone has given me so far. I was in a great confusion until I saw this –

Men alone responsible for all violence

In other words she said “Man ‘alone’ is responsible for all violence”

…and I found it to be true.

To understand this we need to understand two languages, i.e. English and Bengali. When we do this, we understand that what she was referring to.

The term ‘EKA’ is Bengali means ‘Alone’. So what she has said is ‘Man’ ‘Alone’ (=’eka’) is responsible for all violence. If we add these two we find ‘Man’ + ‘Eka’ = ‘Maneka’ is responsible for all violence. So indirectly she had given us a hint that it is she who is responsible for all violence in India.

To understand this we need to understand her role in India in spreading this violence. This is being done by spreading misandry in different forms in the country. We get a clarity if we see what WCD ministry has done in her tenure.

We find the following by following her ministry’s FB page–

July 14, 2014

The minister who is responsible for boys’ welfare says this –

Maneka 1

I wonder what welfare the boys can expect from this ministry.

July 18, 2014

Minister wanted the commission that only looks at welfare of women to be at par with an agency supposed to look for welfare all human beings.

Maneka NCW - NHRC similar power

Men are probably not human beings –

August 1, 2014

Since all violence is male generated, let them pay for creating funds against them –

Maneka 3

September 1, 2014

A program to include gender sensitization which means include only women perspective. Brainwash our kids in believing that all violence is male generated –

Maneka on gender inclusion

News on gender inclusion

So drafting new education policy to attribute all violence to men.

September 17, 2015

Starting a program to save girls –

Maneka - Beti Bachao

But many says it is a program to start a war on Indian boys. Explained here –

Beti bachao or war against Indian boys

October 17, 2015

Maneka on importance of WCD ministry

Mark her words. WCD not regarded as an important ministry. Not an economic ministry. Well, 1000 crore budgetary allocation for a year which is second to our defense budget is not considered important. Probably not enough money to sustain violence.

December 2, 2014

One stop crises center

She spoke about “One stop crises center for women victims of violence”, nothing for men. (news). They can die of violence.

Another way to create more violence.

December 23, 2014

Women empowerment

Well, when men are discriminated against at the beginning of every trial, no wonder they are considered as initiators of all violence. If men continue to recognized as violent because these laws originated from her ministry.

Such violence created against men is not supposed to be considered their disempowerment as this post says. So men need to accept this institutional violence.

March 4, 2015

New adoption law - Cara

She amended adoption laws because girls are thrown out. Even though her own ministry’s 2007 report said that it is the boys who are abandoned and live on Indian streets in larger number –

More boys on street[pg 39 of ministry’s report on Child abuse published in 2007]

July 10, 2015

Maneka on Sexual Harassment at Workplace

Mark the words spoken to women in this video.

“You just need to prove the probability, Depends on how the woman perceives, Confidential identity, lesser proof, prove only probability, You can make a sexual harassment complaint even if you don’t work there, #SheFirst.

Misuse is also punishable.”

To understand how much the misuse is punishable and what kind of terrorism it can create in our industry, I read this –

The terrorism in SHWB ACT

When she promoted all such violence in her tenure I was assured that it is Maneka (or man ‘alone’) who is responsible for all violence.


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