After Aamir Khan debacle, Indian husbands refuse to listen to their wives

Indian households have become very difficult for the homemakers as husbands have stopped listening to their wives or talking about it outside. This has happened after Aamir Khan believing in his wife Kiran Rao and talking about it in public. The way Aamir was almost sent out of India by the Indians and the way people have started demanding him to actually go out of India has showed the way to these husbands.

This situation has created unnecessary dismay among Indian housewives. So far the husbands used to listen to them in the fear of getting false cases like 498a etc. But after Aamir Khan debacle these men suffer from severe anxiety of being thrown out of the country simply for listening to what their wife says in private.

Take for instance, Gopal (name changed), 29 from Jabalpur. His wife has asked him to take her to her maika (mother’s house) two days back. Normally Gopal used to comply with such unexpected requests without even a second thought. His wife Poornima going away used to bring good times for him. He could get much needed freedom from her routine and insensitive bak-bak in home. But he is not feeling confident that this time listening to his wife will do any good to him. Poornima, however is unaware of Aamir Khan incident and thinks that her husband fears that this time she will surely file some false cases if she ever goes to her parents’ house. She is not able to convince her husband that she is not going to file false cases now but going only to see her parents.

For 35 year old Amrinder, the issue is different. He has a long standing dream of settling to Canada in someone else’s expense. So for him, he thinks it is a good opportunity to settle abroad by saying the same thing as Aamir did, and settling in Canada in travel expenses paid trip by India. He also came to know from this tweet that Air-India has started a special tolerant one way fares out of India, too.-

Suhel on tolerance

Now Amrinder and people like him has a good reason to talk about their wife in public so Indians send them out in taxpayer’s money.

But the problem here is different. For the husbands like Amrinder, the countries proposed as their exile destinations are all troubled or poor countries like Somalia, Syria, Iraq etc. They were expecting that by raging a debate on tolerance and checking India’s tolerance level they would get free exile into better countries like Canada.

Feminists however, agree with Aamir that India’s tolerance level has indeed gone down. They were referring to increased intolerance to their demands at Indian homes by a new breed of intolerant generation called MRAs. Until 2005, they didn’t struggled for bringing laws like Domestic Violence Act. But afterwards all their attempts went in vain. They wanted to bring laws like Salary to Wife from husband, IRBM and then Marital Rape and in cases they found steep challenge from MRAs. Their stunts with Rohtak Sisters and Jasleen Kaur also failed miserably. Their latest stunts with 3 year old kid’s rape in a Bangalore school in 2014 or 28 day old baby’s rape in Bulandshar, UP all fell flat. Now these intolerant Indians start talking about false rape cases and punishment of mothers for every such feminist attempt to show kids’ rape.

Earlier these lies could be spread easily with men equally taking part in these demonstrations and making each lie spread well. But nowadays with some intolerant MRAs coming in between feminists and their lies, the relationship dynamics in Indian families have changed. This intolerant breed of Indian men known as MRAs are becoming real headache for Indian society. Everyone wonders if Indian men become so much intolerant to their wives’ demands, then what will be the future of Indian families?

Meryl Streep and Sean Penn to strip Oscar Awards

Meryl Streep and Sean Penn, India's Daughter

Now Meryl Streep and Sean Penn wants Oscar Awards for Leslee Udwin’s documentary film India’s Daughter that is banned by Indian Govt.

With this wish Julia and The Gunman proved to be the Evil Angels for the world. While Falling in Love with the Dark Matter shown in the documentary, The She-Devil and The Comedian along-with Leslee Udwin proved to be a Gangster Squad who wanted to be The Deer Hunter of Manhattan by playing a not so Fair Game.

This time Sophie’s Choice to cross The Thin Red Line to support the Still of the Night of 16th Dec, 2012 from the mind of the rapist Mukesh Singh, be The Interpreter of Indian social situation and play another Suffragette like drama shows that they might have taken The Pledge to shame India and most openly the Hindus At Close Range.

This nomination is done at a time when there are Plenty of evidence showing the film was a scripted fiction and was full of lies. It is similar to Hillary Clinton claiming that women suffer directly from Casualties of War. This is as if these movie stars are trying to portray the story of The Indian Runner Out of Africa and it turned out to be a “Dead Man Walking” “Into The Wildas first Nirbhaya’s friend and then the co-producer of the film has unmasked the Gangster Squad of India’s Daughter.

Nirbhaya's Friend

These celebrities are trying to create Ironweed of rape in India and stop you as a man from Defending Your Life in future. These are the kind of hoaxes that are used by United Nations to force Indian Govt. to create extreme laws. The house of the spirits thus created Before and After the fateful Evening brings One True Thing about the worldwhen Death Becomes Her and entire world plays The Game to snatch the attention in Prime hours. We get to see the true Colors of the celebrities and recognize the Bad Boys.

It does not need Artificial Intelligence to understand Music of the Heart of these criminals. They portray this as if It’s All About Love, but one won’t understand the The Weight of Water unless one understand that It’s Complicated and The Giver here has gone through The Hours of Adaptation to understand where and how the money flows in. When these celebrities continue to embrace lies, that shows that they have fallen from the State of Grace and proclaim openly – “We’re No Angels”.

There is no Doubt that Nirbhaya was Loved by India but She’s So Lovely even today because of the global money flow that hateful documentaries like India’s Daughter could generate. The Tree of Life is very simple today, it needs manure in the form of money. The world today is ready to Milk benefits out of this rigged attempt as they understand This Must be The Place to exploit easily. India today needs Lions For Lambs to stop any such maligning attempt, and force these criminals to take a U Turn.

Now after the exposure by film’s Co-Producer Anjali Bhushan, the film is proved to be a scripted fiction of Leslee Udwin and thus the thoughts depicted in the film were her own and not that of Mukesh. This shows The Last Face of all who is still promoting the film in any manner. This shows that these stars have the same rapist mindset shown in the film (as it was the thought of Leslee Udwin who they support) and may get undue benefit from this. Suggestion of Oscar Award for this documentary will show that Oscar has started recognizing rapists and celebrate rape in a larger scale. This is nothing but an attempt to strip Oscar of its pride. Hope other Oscar winners are listening.



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After Rohtak Sisters, many women await bravery award

Rohtak Sisters Bravery

Haryana State Women’s Commission Vice Chairperson Suman Dahiya giving away bravery award to the sisters

After the grand success of two Rohtak sisters in getting bravery award from Haryana State Woemn’s Commission, many women criminals have started expecting similar award from State or National Commission for Women (NCW) –


We could find some women who are ahead in the race of bravery award –

1. Ramya K, Bangalore (Jun 4, 2012)

Ramya K, Murderer

She had cut her husband into 12 pieces and then for 18 months she was not caught. Her bravery was revealed when another criminal confessed of selling a carving knife to her.

2. Fathima Dhuru, Kalyan (Dec 18, 2012)

Wife kills husband, chops into 11 pieces

She along with her boyfriend killed her husband and then filed a missing complaint with the police. But police was sure to expose her bravery in a short but intense grilling. Looks like her story of bravery was suppressed by Nirbhaya case and NCW missed her bravery so far.

3. Unnamed Mother-Daughter duo from Ahmedabad (Dec 24, 2012)

Bravery award3

These unnamed bravehearts both had relation with a businessman and then conspired to kill him and chop him into pieces. Their story too was suppressed under huge mob frenzy after the Nirbhaya case.

4. Reena (posthumous), Jahanpur (Sep 14, 2013)

Bravery award5

She is contending in the list posthumously as she committed suicide after showing her bravery.

5. Dhaneswari Devi, Jharkhand (Jan 04, 2014)

Women criminal

Looks like Dhaneswari Devi was a home maker. Well, we don’t know what kind of home she was making.

6. Shivani Patni, Dwarka, Delhi (Jan 05, 2015)

Women criminals

However, her story of bravery was officially revealed by media after a long time. English mainstream media that tried to belittle her bravery by claiming that Amit was a criminal later didn’t bother to take it up. Only some local Hindi media has published this news

Delhi techie murder

Probably that is the reason her bravery is still not recognized by NCW.

7. Farzana Malik, Vadodara (Apr 24, 2015)

Women criminals

She had cut her husband just because she didn’t like his dark complexion. She is surely leading the race.

8. Shilpa Reddy, Bangalore (June 12, 2015)

Woman murderer

She wanted to elope with her cousin. Didn’t mind killing her husband in the process.

With Rohtak sisters getting bravery award, it looks like there is a spurt in bravery from women. Our simple google search revealed three such incidents in seven months from Rohtak incident that can claim similar bravery award from NCW. This frequency is much higher compared to previous years.

Looks like NCW and Suman Dahiya could truly inspire women to show bravery. Some critics however are saying NCW has become Nationalized Criminal Women that being a civil court gives bravery awards to criminals. These critics see great humiliation of Indian Supreme Court and entire legal system as so far no formal court could give such bravery certificate to any one.

This is probably what ‘Acchhe Din‘ (good days) mean.

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More Indian women want to get raped as rapists run for cover

Analysts have come out with really intriguing stats to show that more and more Indian women are getting fond of being raped while the rapists are running for cover.

It is found by comparing the census data of the years 2001 and 2011 that the percentage of men who are refusing to rape (read marry) is increasing in India.



Of the overall male population in India it is found that there was a 4% increase in men who were refusing to rape whereas the females who wanted to get raped seemed to have increased to almost 50% in 2011 from that of 42% in 2001.

Some international groups have done study that had shown 75% Indian wives are raped by their husbands and 90% suffer domestic violence. Since feminists also claim most of the women don’t even raise their voice, we understand that their statistics included almost all Indian men including those who went out to support women’s rights like –


These poor men didn’t know that the women for whom they fought for were actually thinking of them or their sons as rapists. Feminists also said that at least 30% of such married women are raped like Dec 2012 Delhi gang rape. Those men who fought for women’s rights probably need to ask women like the writer of this article to know more –


Some of these international surveys have shown that Indian women do not even understand that they are being abused. That is what Barkha Dutt claimed on her debate on NDTV. So the statistics that 75% women are raped can actually be more. It will surely include everyone who wanted death penalty or other cruel punishment for rapists. Now they need to get hold of rapists in their families and castrate them. Well that may include themselves, their fathers, their sons.

Now ‘rape is a rape’, so those men can’t be biased against victims in their own house.

Some MRAs think we will have gender neutral marital rape law. But Flavia cleared that perspective too in her article, when she said – suppress Article 14 and invoke article 15(3). How does it matter if there already exists marital rape under IPC 498a, and more than 45 different legal sections for women we have under 15(3)? And still Indian rapists need to be happy that they are not lynched or given death penalty and feminists are actually very kind to them.

Flavia says – “there are gruesome sexual abuse every night.” Skeptics raise their eyebrows as the analysis shows that in last decade more percentage women has shown interest in getting raped and men have run away. Those who ever got into marriage, they either committed suicide or became separated or divorced. The skyrocketing suicide rate of married men show us how these rapists are running away from the opportunity of raping their wives every night.

Census and Marital Rape

Flavia said, 3 years imprisonment under 498a is not enough, women want more punishment for their husbands. Now those who still don’t understand that when there already exist one law then why feminists are asking for more? We would like to tell them that it’s their choice you know, they  are only asking for increased jail term and not castration. Well, though we can’t guarantee that they will not ask the same later. Some men want to send their wives to jail, too. Will Flavia support them too?

Flavia said, ” marriage is the only option these women have to ward off destitution”. Now we know why more women want to get raped and only rapists run away. After all, how can women get empowered without robbing some men, sorry rapists. Those rapists only have right to earn for women or die. Feminists are after all giving them good opportunity to live. After all, we live for others and that makes us feel better, right?

Now read what Flavia has said, denying sex to wife is also cruelty and certainly you rape your daughter when your wife denies sex. A woman is a mother, please respect her –

Father acquited of rape charge

cropped-humaar.jpgDon’t rape your wife. UN is watching. If you can’t castrate your family members or yourself UN will come and do the needful. After all 75% Indian housewives are raped and 30% are raped like 2012 Delhi victim. Now find out rapists in your family.

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