These are the FEMinized men who support Marital Rape PIL

Their petition to Delhi High Court says, “there are men, there are men and there are better men”. Naughty netizens explained like this, “there are men, there are men who licks women’s boot and then there are us who want to lick their ch**t”.

Incidentally, their address was found in their petition –

FEM Address

A men’s group located at the basement of a ‘women’s hostel’ speaks volume about what level of ‘gender equality’ they have achieved. Some people said they are ‘Jenana’ (people with male organ but identify themselves as women) and opined that in the era of gender equality this is indeed a great example of a fluid gender. Yeah, after all, our gender identity can change throughout our life.

So, as soon as they found two men’s group approached the High Court against the PIL, they came forward  –

Interestingly, this group that identifies themselves as a men’s group is named as ‘FEM’ that raises eyebrows at their desperation to be with women. A group that hides itself behind women with a pseudo identity of FEM, is now propagating as if ‘a men’s group is supporting Marital Rape PIL’ as their petition said, “we wish our wives and wives of all Indian men, not to be reduced to legal objects incapable of sexual will, and with no legal ability for sexual ability’. Yeah, basement of a hostel where young women live, is a great place for these aged, grey-haired men to give sexual power to their wives.

So, these FEMinized men from a woman’s hostel is out to give justice to women for ‘effective decision-making over their reproduction’.

They feel that marital rape exception ‘takes away the right of our wives to say no, and as such also takes away their right to say yes to consensual sexual intercourse, whether it’s pro-creational or recreational’. Other Indian husbands however remained unlucky of NOT having the luxury of getting recreation sitting in a woman’s hostel and thinking how oppressed their wives are.

I was going through FEM website of grey-haired messiahs of women, when another grey-haired man and a messiah came in my mind. He was Khurshid Anwar, a divorcee who fought for women’s rights and was creating ruckus in Delhi in the name of Nirbhaya protest in the morning. Tired of protests, In the evening, he was seeking recreation in his home. He made one of his female NGO member drink and then in the name of providing her shelter in his own home where he lived alone (after throwing out his wife). He had his recreation that night and the woman didn’t go to police, but went to other feminist groups. No wonder, why feminists say only 1% rapes are reported. They must be having fist hand experiences like these. That grey-haired messiah committed suicide in 2013 but left many others like him behind.

I was hoping to see some wisdom in the petition of these over-aged recreation seekers, instead what I got was all their emotional statements like, ‘marriage is a partnership between equals, but men having privilege of having sex at their instance’ etc. As if, women today are not literate or can’t express themselves. This thought itself reduces women to mere retards, who can’t express themselves and the group propagating this are calling themselves as fighting for women’s rights.

Their petition says, ‘the fact that some women have been driven to complain of coerced sex’ is completely devoid of this sense of equality that does not give any chance to a man to even express his sexual willingness, either in marriage or outside. Wish they had looked into NCRB rape data and entertained themselves. But probably they didn’t get time to look out of their girls’ hostel closet.

These FEMs believe that criminalizing marital rape, ‘legal personhood of their wives only benefits men and helps marriage to flourish’, probably the way IPC 498a has been doing all these years.

Surprisingly, FEM as a group claims to have researchers, academics etc. in their group. I wonder what is the real outcome of their research with so little knowledge about present social or legal scenario.

This group headed by Dr. Abhijit Das who claims to be a obstetrics, pediatrics and public health professional for thirty years, is surprisingly trying to intervene in a legal petition with no knowledge about the prevailing social condition and with some funny logic of men being oppressive for ages.

FEM’s petition also carry big advertisement about their work and association with feminist organizations like UN Women, that wants to USE men for women’s benefit. Their activities primarily include use of men to show how terrible they are and why they should be punished for being males, like they are doing in marital rape.

But this group of fluid identity persons knew that some educated, logical and data driven MRAs could ruin their game plan of destroying our society with foreign funds. As, they filed their intervention after they saw two men’s rights group intervening in this PIL and opposing this feminist move of bringing crime in our intimate moments.

They showed great intellect in showing data from IMAGES (2011) survey and claimed 20% Indian men reported committing sexual violence against their wives, while forgetting that data driven MRAs also know what they are hiding from the same survey. The same survey showed 96% Indian wives said that they were Sexually satisfied in their marriage (Figure 1). So, do women enjoy rape? Or there is some desperate attempt to show marital rape for some other intention, like breaking Indian society in the name of women’s rights by masquerading as men’s group advocating these changes? However, these so-called researchers didn’t know that women forcing men for sex was never reported in IMAGES Survey but was reported in India Today Annual Sex Survey, 2016.

We also find another interesting fact about marital rape from our census data. By comparing 2001 and 2011 census data we come to know that the married women percentage has increased from 43.6% to 49.9% in these years; whereas married men percentage remained the same. Looks like for women, it’s awesome to get raped in marriage.

FEM also claimed to have worked with men and understood that those men had been raping their wives. They also claimed in their petition, that there were many women who came forward and reported ‘repeated’ sexual violence against their husbands to FEM members. Surprisingly, those women didn’t seek or FEM members didn’t suggest them to get divorce? This is possible only if FEM members didn’t know the existing laws (which is unlikely as they work with UN Women and supposed to know the law) or they are telling lies to Delhi HC (for which they need to be summarily punished).

Devoid of any significant data, these FEMs spoke about Indian patriarchy in many ways. They have also pointed that men are socialized in such a way to believe that ‘sex is their right’.

FEM has also gone one step ahead in demanding that this provision should only be made ‘for women’, because they believed that ‘a woman will bring such a complaint against her husband only when she is desperate’ – and we have seen in 498a cases what that desperation means.

In their petition, FEMs gave examples of surveys that have considered men as a perpetrator and women as the victims and designed questions accordingly. Surely enough, from the four walls of women’s hostel these self-proclaimed fluid scholars couldn’t understand that criminal provisions can’t be made based on their emotional state.

The last 21 pages of their petition, is their advertisement telling the court how much gender hatred they had propagated since inception under different UN Women programs and how much lies they had successfully spread in these years. By having a look at their petition, we know that when FEMinized  men get their MENopause, they can do anything to be acceptable to women, even at the cost of their own society, and future. When funds from UN Women is added to this, these men can get their MENchurailisation (FEM form of menstruation specially for fluid gender 😉 ) back.



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