How dare Salman Khan get raped?

Salman Khan has made yet another controversial statement when he said he felt like “a raped woman” when his brother says that in reality he wanted to say “he worked like a donkey”.

The feminist outrage over the remark is understandable. As a macho man whom thousands of Indians worship as their role model and who millions of women dream of everyday; how can he even dare to compare his (whatever) pain with that of a woman only who has the prerogative of having that feeling.

It is a different matter that every year thousands of such feelings of women go down the drain when courts rejects their rape allegations but this feeling is so close to a woman’s heart that no man can ever dare to feel the same kind of pain. Women and specially feminists own the monopoly of having a feeling of rape and anyone challenging them would be cornered even by the use of media.

Example – Mid Day reported this –

MidDay Salman

The same news shows Madhu Kishwar tweets –

Madhu Kishwar

For example see the analogy given by a feminist here

Yes, when Salman has killed people on the streets, when he killed Blackbuck how can he even get the feeling of being raped? That is what defies our logic as feminists too do not understand how on earth a person who can kill others get raped himself.

Some feminists argued that Salman earlier alleged that his ex-beau Aishwarya Rai had also abused him. Evidently a macho man who is supposed to save others, can’t complain about being abused or feeling lowly. That is when the carefully created male stereotype gets hurt. If strong men like him do not remain protector for women and keeps complaining about their pain in different manner then humanity will end. Who will play the role of the protector in the society?

Some other feminists slammed Salman for trivializing rape or feeling of rape. Notably Nirbhaya’s mother (who has become a TV icon nowadays) also demanded apology from him. She is desperately trying to portray her daughter’s name everywhere but people are still not taking her name and calling her as ‘Nirbhaya’ for some mysterious reasons. With celebrities like Nirbhaya’s mother demanding apology from Salman shows how grave the situation has become and how Salman has made fun of rape and feeling of rape.

While we are waiting for UN General Secretary to comment over Salman’s comment because he had earlier did not waste too much time on commenting about Nirbhaya’s rape or “India’s Daughter” documentary. It seems that UN General Secretary has got some other job to do now and we are sure very soon he would make an unforgettable comment over this issue, too.

What Salman had said just before the release of his film Sultan was enough to create a controversy that would make sure his film becomes a success. Whether raped or not, people will now watch the film to see the level of torture he had to undergo for shooting the film. Maybe the director of the movie will now get a rape case against him. It is worth a wait to see if MRAs support victim Salman in this struggle or keep their mum.

In short, a man like Salman can never be allowed to feel the pain of rape. It is a feminists’ forte’ and only they can guard the feeling and nurture the same in various ways. It is only a female feminist who can get visually raped, orally raped, raped from a distance, raped online and raped even in their dreams. Any man who dare to steal that feeling needs to be shamed and bashed like feminists rightfully did recently.

Sultan Poster



One thought on “How dare Salman Khan get raped?

  1. This Stupid men forget to mention, why court reject allegations for rape from 1 women to men, bcoz those are false allegation after hearing both the parties and when there is no proof…..


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