Rarest of Rare – No rape, No molestation and this is what India did

Believe it or not, India has achieved something in a rarest of rare occasion and there was no rape or molestation of a single woman. This news is getting good traction in many circles and Indians are feeling proud as if ‘achhe din’ (good days) have come.

Before we tell you what just happened, we need to tell you that even many foreign nationals didn’t believe that India could do anything without any rape or molestation Even a few days ago in a foot overbridge collapse (Elphinstone bridge in Mumbai) when Indian men were busy saving lives (including women), it was found by some great Indian media houses that men were in fact molesting dying women. For this news coverage, The Hindu (a national Indian English media house that many Indians feel proud of) has also got the coveted ‘Pervertshri’ award as well. Some feminists however claimed the name of the award is sexist and depicts male chauvinism and should be changed to ‘Pervertshrimati’ as women have so far shown their leadership in this category. In Elphinstone bridge story as well, a woman journalist discovered that men were actually molesting women, which even Mumbai police could not find out.

The Independent, another prominent UK media copied this story from The Hindu, and gained a lot of popularity, too. Indian rape and molestation stories have given international media good business opportunity ever since 2012 Nirbhaya incident. The Pervertshris and Pervertshrimatis of Indian media create enough news for foreign media to copy paste and get easy popularity among voyeurs. With this new achievement by India, foreign media will surely be dejected.

We can stress so much that there was no rape or molestation involved in this because even Pervertshrimatis in The Hindu didn’t find any rape or molestation to be involved. They published the news like this –

Flyover built in India

So, a flyover is built in India without any rape angle established. Amazing!!

We have contacted some feminists and MRAs for their reaction. Ganjana Kumari, a prominent leader of a Delhi based feminist NGO has said, “when only 1% rape cases are reported, how will you find anything reported in this case. This proves how patriarchal India oppresses women.”

Feminist Writer, Scholar and 2017 Ted Talk participant Amla Gasin has however found structural injustice and implicit bias in this story. She said, the fact that some part of the road was made elevated with a straight long divider is symbolic representation of male phallus which provokes rape thought. She added, patriarchal India does not understand this structural bias in our structures and promised that she will soon write a book on this and will also deliver another TED Talk.

Activist Sudha Fartkar, who was under ED scanner a few years ago, because she was found to be stalling Govt. developmental projects by agitating locals, said that creating artificial structures on mother earth itself is raping the environment. With a long fart, she added that “Green Peas and other foreign bodies send us huge money to stop such projects in the interest of international community.”

MRAs have said all this is ‘meaningless’ and advised everyone to focus on some meaningful work.



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