I withdrew when she said ‘No’ during sex, we are getting divorced now

No in relationship

I really don’t understand why it is so difficult for people to understand that, “No Means No”. I searched in all reliable dictionaries and I didn’t find any other meaning or use that could possibly mean ‘yes’ or ‘May be’ etc. Also, I don’t know what it means to be a feeble ‘No’ or strong ‘No’ or how the meaning of same word could possibly differ. But surprisingly, I am getting divorced today, for believing ‘No’ means ‘No’.

We got married after matching our astrology and there it gave us 7/7 in ‘love’ koota milan. That meant we were meant to be a happily loving couple. And believe me, even though we couldn’t break our bed in first night, we could somehow retained that fervor for at least one year after our marriage. No, don’t think I am one of those porn guys who could last forever. We somehow learnt some tricks of the game to stay longer and ‘role plays’ were a good method for us. Many Indian couples resort to role plays nowadays, that really creates that extra enthusiasm in them.

From the beginning, we were very open about sex. We believed that sex may not be the only component in a love life, but it is one of very important components if not the most important. So, both of us were open about our past relationships, crushes, early fetishes etc. and we took vows to fulfill each other’s wildest dreams. No matter what it could mean for the other person unless it was life threatening or a criminal offense. Once we both decided to have wild wild sex in our car in a lonely road. Oh, believe me, that was ecstatic.

But what I wanted to tell you, happened in our bed room. We were playing roles of a boss and his lady assistant. She told me that she had a crush on one of her previous bosses and wanted to have sex with him. But he turned out to be kind of geeky and moral person. Since I worked in Engineering concerns or high-tech jobs throughout my life, I never had any opportunity to have sexy female assistants or colleagues. For me, my wife was all the more beautiful. She was my hottest assistant, she was my Sunny Leaone. But, truly speaking I too had a crush on someone in one of my previous organizations. She was the Executive Assistant to the CEO. No matter how odd my other colleagues looked, she was the Bong hotbod around. Many VPs and Directors were behind her and she was completely out of my reach. I thought this was my chance to imagine her in my bed while we engaged in this role play. You know it is very important for the man to really MAN up in these occasions.

She played a not very submissive assistant, but kind of tricky and flirty one who would allow you to come near her but not touch her. Ufff, that part was thrilling. Convincing a woman to have sex and undressing her one by one. It is better that women don’t take action too fast, else all our self-control will burst out too soon. This made us last really looooong in foreplay and raise the excitement gradually. She was trying all deft tricks to keep me away while I was becoming more desperate to come near her.

But even the wildest boars are tamed by man, so naturally that wild boar also got tamed and became ecstatic in foreplay. Soon, we both were undressed, with me caressing and fondling her vigorously and kissing her all over. She became so much aroused that released once but that ecstasy kept her wanting for more. She wanted more and more and it was very difficult for me to hold for long.

We both were rolling on the bed and vigorously caressing and expressing love for each other. Our love grew as our wildest fantasies came alive in our role play. She was tightly gripping two pillows with her two fingers while her body was bent like a bow in ecstasy. I was licking her body all over and both were at the ultimate level of excitement. By that time, she started making love making sounds and moaning …

“…aaah, yes, yes, …more, aaahhhhh, oh nooo…don’t…stop…aahhh”

As I heard her uttering words like, ‘No’, ‘Stop’, ‘Don’t’; I immediately withdrew myself. The last thing I wanted in my relationship was me end up raping my wife. I really hated ‘Marital Rape’ and believed that it should be considered as cruel as any other ‘rape’.

So, I withdrew myself completely and took my hands off her. By then she was almost bent and her back formed a bow that I was holding tightly while caressing. As I withdrew myself and took my hands off her, she had a great fall at the corner of the bed and got hurt. With this sudden change of her mind and the feeling of me possibly raping her even my orgasm had a sudden great fall.

But, to my surprise she became furious with my sudden withholding from the act and not fulfilling her desire. She kicked me with choicest abuses and that immediately sucked my manhood inside me. I tried to reason her that it was she who wanted me to stop, it was she who said ‘No’, ‘Stop’ etc and that is why I didn’t proceed. But she became even more furious with that. Her claim was I was an idiot and that she actually wanted me to continue forever without stopping. But the damage was done. With that shock and her abuses, all my energy suddenly vanished.

She left my house the next morning. She complained that I was impotent and filed for divorce under cruelty.

I am still wondering, does ‘No’ really mean ‘No’ or sometimes it means a strong ‘yes’. Someone, please help me.



4 thoughts on “I withdrew when she said ‘No’ during sex, we are getting divorced now

  1. It depends on how you take it, whether you understand this as ‘No, don’t stop’ or “No don’t;’…’stop’.
    Pause matters but who care about pauses at that moment? But ‘No’ certainly does not mean ‘No’ always.


  2. I understand some girls will misuse the law but there are many women who are actually victims of marital rape. Hence there is a need to create awareness that consent is crucial


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