Why MRAs want to support Feminists on Shingnapur

Shani Shingnapur

For the first time Indian MRAs feel feminists should get right to touch the Shani Shingnapur idol. No there is no religious reason behind that and the reason is shocking.

MRAs understand that the craze to touch Shanidev and offer oil to him comes from an old legend about Shanidev. The story goes like this. A man in the village asked his three Daughters-in-law to take care of the house and prepare food for the family before they returned from work. Different daughters-in-law was given this duty on different days.

Everyday, Shanidev came to their house in disguise when everyone was out. He said that his body was aching and he also wanted some food. The DIL who gave Shanidev an oil massage and offered food had her wishes fulfilled, the ones who didn’t offer anything had lost everything she had.

In olden days, it was our Gods who used to come to our house. But looks like with increasing population even our gods do not have time to come to our house so we need go to temples to find them and offer our prayers. But apparently Shanidev never offered such wealth directly to any man. Ironically, as the legend says he offered such bonanza to women. So naturally women will be interested to bring that old tradition back and get wealth.

But this is not the reason MRAs think feminists should get access to Shanidev directly so that men get wealth through women in their house. The reason is startling.

Last year 29th November a woman had broken the centuries old tradition and touched the idol. After that angry Shanidev lashed out at feminists and they had seen continued setbacks. On 3rd Dec a sensational 2014 rape case of a three year old kid in a Bengalore school turned out to be a fake story made up by the mom.

Feminists tried to cook up another story of a 28 day old baby from Bulandshahr, UP and that was proved to be false within a few days and none of these feminist agenda was successful.

Even WCD sponsored Juvenile Justice Bill amendment came across stiff opposition from general public and Nirbhaya sentiments didn’t work well. WCD ministry was exposed big time by parliamentarians and general public.

MRAs believe that what happened in December, 2015 was only a trailer of Shanidev’s wrath on feminism. If they continue their madness of equality, very soon all their agenda of millions will fall flat and very soon feminism will be washed away from India. Already with feminist agenda of storming into Shani Shingnapur was foiled by other women and police. Social networking sites have already denounced feminists. MRAs feel Shanidev will do his work once feminists get their much awaited right to oil massage him.



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