Meryl Streep and Sean Penn to strip Oscar Awards

Meryl Streep and Sean Penn, India's Daughter

Now Meryl Streep and Sean Penn wants Oscar Awards for Leslee Udwin’s documentary film India’s Daughter that is banned by Indian Govt.

With this wish Julia and The Gunman proved to be the Evil Angels for the world. While Falling in Love with the Dark Matter shown in the documentary, The She-Devil and The Comedian along-with Leslee Udwin proved to be a Gangster Squad who wanted to be The Deer Hunter of Manhattan by playing a not so Fair Game.

This time Sophie’s Choice to cross The Thin Red Line to support the Still of the Night of 16th Dec, 2012 from the mind of the rapist Mukesh Singh, be The Interpreter of Indian social situation and play another Suffragette like drama shows that they might have taken The Pledge to shame India and most openly the Hindus At Close Range.

This nomination is done at a time when there are Plenty of evidence showing the film was a scripted fiction and was full of lies. It is similar to Hillary Clinton claiming that women suffer directly from Casualties of War. This is as if these movie stars are trying to portray the story of The Indian Runner Out of Africa and it turned out to be a “Dead Man Walking” “Into The Wildas first Nirbhaya’s friend and then the co-producer of the film has unmasked the Gangster Squad of India’s Daughter.

Nirbhaya's Friend

These celebrities are trying to create Ironweed of rape in India and stop you as a man from Defending Your Life in future. These are the kind of hoaxes that are used by United Nations to force Indian Govt. to create extreme laws. The house of the spirits thus created Before and After the fateful Evening brings One True Thing about the worldwhen Death Becomes Her and entire world plays The Game to snatch the attention in Prime hours. We get to see the true Colors of the celebrities and recognize the Bad Boys.

It does not need Artificial Intelligence to understand Music of the Heart of these criminals. They portray this as if It’s All About Love, but one won’t understand the The Weight of Water unless one understand that It’s Complicated and The Giver here has gone through The Hours of Adaptation to understand where and how the money flows in. When these celebrities continue to embrace lies, that shows that they have fallen from the State of Grace and proclaim openly – “We’re No Angels”.

There is no Doubt that Nirbhaya was Loved by India but She’s So Lovely even today because of the global money flow that hateful documentaries like India’s Daughter could generate. The Tree of Life is very simple today, it needs manure in the form of money. The world today is ready to Milk benefits out of this rigged attempt as they understand This Must be The Place to exploit easily. India today needs Lions For Lambs to stop any such maligning attempt, and force these criminals to take a U Turn.

Now after the exposure by film’s Co-Producer Anjali Bhushan, the film is proved to be a scripted fiction of Leslee Udwin and thus the thoughts depicted in the film were her own and not that of Mukesh. This shows The Last Face of all who is still promoting the film in any manner. This shows that these stars have the same rapist mindset shown in the film (as it was the thought of Leslee Udwin who they support) and may get undue benefit from this. Suggestion of Oscar Award for this documentary will show that Oscar has started recognizing rapists and celebrate rape in a larger scale. This is nothing but an attempt to strip Oscar of its pride. Hope other Oscar winners are listening.



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