MRAs demand wife cooking in Saffolalife is “Attempt to murder”

Men who had so far innocently believed Saffola oils to be good for their heart are getting goose bumps nowadays with latest Saffola campaign urging people to save the hearts of the women in the house.

Broken heart

This is because the reality is, it is the men who are at greater risk of heart disease than women. Several studies have shown that women are safer from heart disease because of the hormone estrogen flowing in their body. This keeps their arteries safer and clogging free. Only women in their post menopause suffer similar threat to their hearts as men face in their entire lifetime.

After a men’s website revealed that men die of heart disease more than women and they are at greater risk from heart disease because of lifestyle changes, many men are suffering from insomnia and losing their sleep over their trust on Saffola for so many years.

Men have realized that the brand did not do any study ever while developing the oil and they fear that the oil may actually be harmful for their health.

Doctors who were prescribing Saffola oils for so many years have stopped prescribing the same and many of them have gone underground as allegations of they being associated in false promotion of the brand surfaced.

This table of India’s death statistics published in India Today sometime back is in circulation on the web is good enough to give men heart attack even without consuming Saffola’s oils –

Top 10 reasons of death

Men’s rights groups are thinking of starting a campaign to include cooking by Saffola oils by the wife should be considered attempt to murder the husband. They allege that it is another cool way to kill the husband.

While Indian husband’s stop buying the oil, India’s growing empowered women population feel truly empowered with another cold blooded murder weapon in their hands.



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