Now Domestic Violence can be enjoyable for women

Domestic Violence

Believe it or not now domestic violence can be enjoyable for women if we believe in the new recommendations of a women’s NGO. Pune based woman’s NGO and trust Anti Domestic Violence Unified Trust (ADVUT) has given an ADVUT recommendation to govt. of India for rehabilitation of domestic violence victims that can make domestic violence enjoyable for women.

In a recommendation, the chairman of the ADVUT trust Ms. Deepika Kamineni has said every year more than 1 lakh cases were filed under IPC 498a. These are basically replicas of the DV complaints as well. It is observed that all over the India women suffering from such domestic violence complaint about same crime against them. The standard DV and 498a complaint in India shows that –

  1. Husbands are generally drunkards but many of them still show them as teetotalers during their marriage
  2. Husbands beat their wives under the influence of alcohol (we are not sure if beating the wife without any alcohol is fine)
  3. Husband throws away the wife out of her matrimonial home only in the middle of the night
  4. Husbands are also sexual offenders. In some cases the same husbands are also impotent or gays as exposed in the divorce cases filed by their wives
  5. All husbands don’t provide for their wives’ food and in most cases the wife’s family take care of their house as well

Women’s groups also claim that women are so afraid that they don’t file any complaint even after being thrown out of their house in the middle of the night and live on the mercy of their husbands. They tolerate these atrocities for years before raising any complaint. Under these circumstances ADVUT team proposes a new rehabilitation program that many finds very strange recommendation.

As per this ADVUT recommendation women thrown out in the middle of the night can start a girl’s night out plan in their locality. Since the number of women thus violated is increasing day by day, now every locality has enough women to plan a night’s out.

For this purpose ADVUT team proposes to build temporary night hang out zones for these battered women, who instead of waiting at their doorstep for the husband to open the door and take them in, can hang out have some nice socialization and return home next morning. Ms. Kamineni has claimed that with this ADVUT recommendation now they will achieve the following –

  1. Women will have a life outside their matrimonial homes
  2. They will not be subjected to sexual violence by their husbands at night because they will be out unless feminist groups can find out some really innovative distant rape theory
  3. When drunkard men return to their homes their wives will go out voluntarily and these men will have to take their children to bed. One less work for the homemakers.
  4. Since husbands will not be able to beat their wives at night they will have no option but to bang their own head against the wall. If they die, that will be addition to their growing suicide rate that no one bothers and now MRAs can’t blame the wives as responsible for those husband suicides, too.
  5. The crime rate will automatically come down with more and more women hanging out at night. It is said that all nights will be crime free as men will be indoors banging their heads.
  6. The ADVUT team is seeking additional 1000 crore budgetary approval from the govt. to buy these women smart phones as a security device. All these women have to do is to take a selfie anytime a crime happens (or not) and upload the same on social media and Indian media and feminists will find out the culprit and will punish him instantly through social media. ADVUT claims that with this new measure will drastically reduce the crime rate and will make nights safer for Indian women.
  7. ADVUT team also proposes that some of these women can now happily visit the neighbor’s house for their paramours. In this way women will have their sexual freedom and variety as well and the divorce rate will come down.

Some feminist groups like Shemen are however skeptical about these recommendations. They said, “we need to see that in these cases the husbands should not get sexual freedom in return. Neighbor’s wife coming to their house at night may be bonanza for many Indian husbands and that needs to be stopped at any price.”

Indian MGTOWs seem to have all smiles with these recommendations. MGTOW Mr. Byathit Rajapara has commented that – “This shows the rise of MGTOW philosophy in India.” He added, “Looks like this is a really ADVUT suggestion that works for both contrasting philosophies of feminists as well as MGTOWs.”


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2 thoughts on “Now Domestic Violence can be enjoyable for women

  1. 🙂 apt, win-win situation for everybody; and husband should provide monetary relief too, to enjoy these night outs. If that amount not sufficient, Dear victim wives can file child abuse by husbands in their absence and extort more money by taking away children who are safer with paramour than their biological father!

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