Celebrate Blogging – Humaar Style

Celebrate Blogging

Working for a social cause and adopting a style of humour and satire to make a serious social cause even create impact in the masses is very creative and difficult, too.

But probably the life wouldn’t have been so beautiful if there were no challenges. So I have adopted that style very elegantly. The main motivation behind creating this blog called Humaar.in is that bringing in a funny side of every serious social issue that is otherwise not possible in a serious blog. But it is not that every serious issue is better explained only in serious way.

Examples are aplenty. Be it marital rape or Rohtak incident or Jasleen Kaur incident, challenge in all such cases were to take up these cases in humour and project them in such a way so that the message reaches everyone clearly without creating any animosity between genders.

It is not that everyone understands the importance of humour or understand the real meaning behind each humour based articles. Understanding satire is even more difficult. So as a genre these two are probably the most difficult genres to take up for a social and serious cause. In many cases the people associated with the cause I promote has criticized me for using humour to promote their cause. They think in way such effort trivializes the importance or seriousness of the issue.

However, I have never thought that way. I feel that it is important for a writer to reach his audience in different ways. Also when there is legal complications involved not everyone understand the serious articles. The topics that involve law, statistics or scientific interpretations can not be understood by all in a serious manner. These topics just puts them off. So my effort in all such cases is to make the topic very light and present it to my audience in such a manner so that they understand and appreciate the seriousness.

My journey as a humour blogger on this website might have started only recently but I have been using humour as a style for a long time on my original serious blog. In one case when I wrote a spoof on Barkha Dutt, my readers thought of that as genuine news and they believed the same in-spite of it being mentioned at the end of the blog that it was a spoof. Many cautioned me of legal complications that even today I fail to understand.

But I didn’t want to stop bringing a different aspect to every social issue. So I wanted to continue celebrate blogging in my style and hence created this blog Humaar.in. The tagline for my blog is “Maar with Humour”. In other ways my style is to resolve social issues with humour without lessening the importance of the issue. This is my style of celebrate blogging.



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