Hot on social media – Jasleen Kaur Jokes

Social media is abuzz with Jasleen Kaur jokes. If you have not seen them yet, here are some for you –


Why did men stop jumping red light in NCR region?

Because they fear that Jasleen may be crossing the road anytime.



Why is Arnab so confident that Jasleen was not wrong?

Because he was told that during the incident Jasleen was always on the right side.


Why is Rajnikant jealous of Jasleen?

Rajnikant jokes has become second in popularity to “Jasleen Kaur jokes.



Why is Arvind Kejriwal jealous of Rajnikant?

Because of him, Kejriwal jokes is not getting the second place in popularity. Jasleen Kaur jokes is anyways number one now.


daydream-Why is Jasleen happy about jokes on her?

Because she thinks now she is as famous as Rajnikant (LOl)


Why did Jasleen chose only Sarabjeet and not others at the crossing?

He looked right age, religion and with money too.


Why was Kejriwal happy about Jasleen framing Sarabjeet?

At least he was spared.



Why was DCW chief happy about Jasleen filing an FIR?

She has got something to show in her next performance appraisal.


Jasleen met Sarabjeet, he was arrested!

She went to Times Now, their TRP fell!!

Now Arvind Kejriwal is scared of meeting her. (lol)


Pachas Pachas aur deshon mein jab bhi koi bachcha Bike ki zid karta hai toh uski ma bolti hai – “Beta itna zid mat kar, Jasleen aa jaayegi”


If Salman Khan promotes the brand “Being Human”

Which brand should Lallita Pawar promote?

“Being Jasleen”

And what brand should Jasleen Kaur promote?

“Being Criminal”


Now feminists see patriarchal conspiracy of character assassination of Jasleen because the controversy was around a red light?



Why did she post Sarabjeet’s photo on social media even after going to police?

Otherwise her friends would not know who she was stalking.


Why on Zee News interview, Jasleen initially wanted to pardon Sarabjeet and said she was not interested?

Because she thought it was opportunity to date a handsome dude.

But why did she retract again in two minutes?

She came to know that he lost his job.



Jasleen is the only girl who can make Arnab believe that if she posts a selfie with a guy, the guy becomes a rapist.


Behenji mujhe left jane hai….

Abe behenji kisse bola? Ruk mamaji ko bhejte hai tere ghar mein..

…Rakhi sar pe hai…


Jasleen Kaur is such an abala nari that she can give Nirupa Roy a run for her money.


Why did she later delete the embedded tweet of Vikas Yogi that had Sarabjeet’s photo in there?

Two dudes together, created too much heat in her life.


Why does Arnab call so many participants in his debate?

Times Now Debate on Jasleen

So that at least their followers watch his show. In any case they will be on mute if don’t talk what Arnab wants to hear.


Why do feminists like hiding the names of women like Jasleen who complain about crime against them?

So that these women can continue filing such false complaints and be eternal victims and true feminists.


i.mobofree.comWhy did UN security council call for an emergency meeting immediately after Jasleen Kaur Incident?

To prepare a UN General Secretary speech on Jasleen incident.

Then why didn’t he deliver the speech?

Because Jasleen’s fame was “Made in China”, lost in a few hours.

Then why did the council called for another emergency meeting the next day?

To discuss the future of their “HeForShe” campaign.


Who is the most high profile expat in India, who has updated his profile on Monster recently?

The Brand Ambassador of UNWomen India. He does not find any future for their “HeForShe” campaign and fear jobloss.


devil-animated-Why is China angry on Jasleen?

Their patent, “Made in China” is hijacked by Jasleen. The new slogan for cheap and non-durable products and service is “Made by Jasleen”.


Why are no mothers giving the name Jasleen to their newborns?

They fear that even their daughters will bring terrible future for them.


What is the new synonym for “Panauti” in Hindi dictioneries?

“Jasleen Kaur”



Why did Indian Supreme Court has become jobless suddenly?

Times Now has taken over all their pending cases for speedy delivery of verdict.


Why are all Indian judges taking sabbatical?

They are joining Times Now crash course on “Speedy delivery of verdict”


Why is “Shame” also ashamed today?

She saw Jasleen Kaur.


What is cost saving method to maintain traffic on the roads?

Jasleen Kaur cutouts instead of traffic signals.


Why are Rohtak Sisters angry over Jasleen Kaur?

They got serious competition now.



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4 thoughts on “Hot on social media – Jasleen Kaur Jokes

  1. Media like Times Now too is to blame for defaming Sarabjeet and calling him names like “lout” etc. Jasleen too should be questioned by the police and arrested for a false complaint


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