Dear Jasleen, We love you

Dear Jasleen, it is great to see your latest efforts that has made us learn and unlearn many things in life. I am amazed to see that at such a young age you have achieved such an unbelievable feat. Dear sister (or should I call you behenji? Not sure what is harassment and what is not, please select appropriate one) you have opened the eyes of many who still kept their eyes closed for so long.

I am not sure why some men are protesting against your latest achievement in Delhi and demanding your punishment. Probably they are nuts, they don’t understand the social service that you have done. In my view we (I can’t say ‘I’ because that may be another sexual harassment) should love you, because –

  1. You have shown the true face of feminism

In your media interviews, choice of words, style and impeccable style of crying or complaining about harassment on a TV debate when the host asked you a question or the way you left Zee News discussion in the middle demanding harassment, was eye opener for many to learn about feminism. After all when feminists can’t reply honestly and objectively to any question, this is how they win their argument, either by crying or by complaining. I loved the way the TV anchor was taken aback. Probably next time male anchors will not dare to interview female victims like you.

2. You have exposed our militant media

If Rohtak Sisters has shown us the way, you have just taken ahead the unbelievable feat achieved by them. The eternal victimhood tag that young women like you carry with the help of our militant media is once again exposed, thanks only to you. This became clear after I saw this debate on Times Now –

Times Now Debate on Jasleen

We have discovered some real data guys on this show. They have helped us identify the militant media and without your help this would not have been possible.

3. You have proved how even the best behaved gentlemen are at risk

In fact, I should have told that it is the militant media who has exposed this. Everyone realized this when they saw this interview of the accused Sarabjeet –

Times Now Interview of Sarabjeet

It was probably you who have done the best act of accusing a perfect gentleman like Sarabjeet, because this interview revealed two things for us –

  • Any normal person would have slapped and broken the camera of the media persons for asking those questions. Sarabjeet didn’t do that. That proved that he wouldn’t have abused you in any manner without enough provocation. This also proved that any well behaved gentleman’s life can be ruined on a simple verbal complaint. Eye opener for many men in this country.
  • Times Now and its militant journalism was exposed in this interview again and it confirmed their terrorist agenda. They wanted to force Sarabjeet to apologize and then brand him as criminal.

Once again it was you who made this possible.

4. You have shown the true face of AAP and its leader

If we didn’t see this tweet from your party supremo Arvind kejriwal, many of us wouldn’t have identified the true face of him and his party. –

Arvind Kejriwal Tweet

Many of us had so far respected him as an IITian but after this mindless support to his party worker for narrow political gain, made us think otherwise. People understood the real enemies of this country. Thanks for making that possible.

5. You have shown that more power to DCW will be suicidal

You are the one who has shown us that giving court powers to DCW will be suicidal for India. The tweet by DCW chief showed it all –

Swati Maliwal Tweet on Jasleen

When the chief of a supposed court gives her verdict based on one sided story and ignoring the other side or without doing any investigation, that shows how pathetic is the state of our judiciary going to be in India.

6. Pains of many husbands came to the fore

This DCW expose’ also proved what goes inside many of our family courts or during NCW mediated mediation shows. They decide before they hear anything in the case. Many husbands would have awaken by now with this findings.

7. You have proved our Courts are useless

You have showed that our courts are useless. No, I am not saying this is because of the kangaroo courts run by our militant and terrorist media houses. You have shown how mindless is the decision to give court powers to DCW or NCW. When DCW chief can pronounce her verdict mindlessly on social media in favor of a girl who had done the crime, we know our Supreme Court can close down. You have shown how our Supreme Court is losing its power over our judiciary.

8. You are a messiah for women with not so good looks

Men in general have been mindless fools. They always fall for pretty women. Any young charming face is enough for men to forget everything else and assume that she is of good character. By your acts you have proven that they have been wrong. You have proved that women can’t be taken on their face value but men need to look for women with good hearts. May be this is the start of boon for average looking women who might be good at heart but have hard time finding a life partner.

9. You helped us identify real perverts

Pervert1Lout, pervert

…and they were found supporting feminism

10. You have made life easier for MRAs

I am not sure why MRAs are protesting against your false complaint. In fact, women like you make their life easier. You send out so many message to the society that no single MRA or MRA group can achieve. I think they should be happier. Not sure.

So sister, (or behenji, whatever suits you) many of us love you for teaching us so many lessons in life in such a short a span of time.



8 thoughts on “Dear Jasleen, We love you

  1. Awesome writing. Kudos to the writer for summing up entire rollercoaster humourously. That anchor just stopped from falling to so called Victim’s feet… Can journalism stoop to any lower?
    In order to stop these one-sided media trials and to save men’s modesty actual victim shoukd file defamation suit against these morons or else our society will be left at there mercy!

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  2. Great piece.

    I found this dumb and biased Dr Neelu Goswani no less! She seems to have pimps and blow jobs ricocheting in her tin can brain constantly. Some kind of brainfever maybe..?

    Hope her family is as proud of her as Jasleen’s must be. Imagine getting into the limelight so cheaply.

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  3. Sensible articles have started to pour in and thanks for this eye opener article. I have learn so many new things I did not know before about, obviously feminism!

    I did not know how biased times now media and its anchor are. Shameless and inhuman ‘creeps’ sitting there and playing ‘pervert’ game with innocent sarabjeet. This poor guy already lost so much for no reason. Real criminals are being awarded in today’s society if born as a girl!

    All my expectations from Arvind Kejriwal came to an end with the end of his sense of humaar from his tweet! Sad but an eye opener for people like me expecting some change in my city Delhi.
    I was not expecting anything different from DCW – this one was no shocker to me!

    I saw Deepika madam and Ritwik sir on TV debate who shared statistic on 90000 male suicide every year as published on NCRB – a shocking news and that too when only 1 in 10 suicides only get reported in govt. records. I couldn’t comprehend why there is no ministry for men like women’s NCW?

    Save Indian Family (SIF) documentary video must be seen by every man. I wish Sarabjeet would have seen it and contacted man’s helpline for advise by calling on 08882498498. I think every male should learn this number by heart and consult SIF volunteers for free to save themselves from such a trap.

    So many questions running in my mind and i know no one can answer since I read an artcle somewhere that being a man is in itself a crime. It’s a serious crime if born in India!

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  4. What an amazing article to read, I wish the presstitutes, perverts, Chief had better things to do than to support the #FakeAccuser. Atleast the time would have been well invested. I am truely mesmerised to see the level of #AwfulFeminism we live in. Last but not the the least #kangaroocourt and it’s lawyer are nothing #AmbassdorOfFakingNews. Real eye opener indeed. Kudo to the writer..

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  5. amazing done article. that Times of India is ruthless and it is not supposedly called a media. it should be called as terrorists revoking media, and from here on i never watch news which are all faked. i have relative who works in media and he said who ever gives more money to the media, these people start twisting the truth!
    and coming to the kejriwal or what ever fuck he’s called with, he is useless and being a leader he shouldn’t have gone viral with out case being investigated, he for he is a CM or he never felt he is one!
    the judge here who is women who is completely gender biased and feminist, such people are evil and should not be in their respective positions.

    I myself am a victim of 498A along with DV act and i know the pain of being a victim along with my elderly parents who are suffering.

    I wish i never got married, but now i came to know the fact and i am going MGTOW, it is hard but not harder than the betrayal of my own wife , whom i really believed as a better half of my life, body and everything i have. but i have been fooled!

    women think they can stand like a man, but in reality they are pussies.
    if a woman behaves like a man, she should be treated like a man.

    i respect women, i love my mother she was a doctor, who hates the new gen women and says most of the women are evil personified.she always used to told me be very careful with women in my college days, i regret i didn’t listen to her and now she is also suffering with me. that’s the worst part.

    Gentlemen, be very conscious of this and never give your attention towards women, never, and see their reactions. you will be surprised , because all women are ATTENTION SEEKING WHORES! it’s that simple


  6. Awesome read.. eye opener.. and classy interpretations..
    Now I (we) really love you for the noble service done to this country..
    Respect akka/behenji/sister Jasleen..!!


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