Feminists fooled by “Selfie Against Dowry” campaign

MRAs are once again all smiles and rejoicing with the new feminist campaign called “Selfie Against Dowry” getting much needed attention and focus. If the news articles are to be believed, then this movement is supposed to have started by a Haryana village. Recently, Union Minister for Women and Child Development also praised this campaign on ministry’s Facebook page –

Maneka Gadhi on Selfie Against Dowry

Our secret sources confirmed that some MRAs have already started partying with such feminist propaganda and they are secretly laughing at feminists.

We have secretly posed our emissaries in MRA dens to find out why they were rejoicing over the success of a feminist campaign and came to know that this campaign was created by some Haryana men in fear of increasing menace of false dowry industry in the state.

NCRB Data that has come in the hands of Humaar team revealed that there has been a consistent rise in filing false dowry cases under IPC 498a in the state –

Dowry cases filed in Haryana

Source – NCRB

With an average acquittal rate of 90% in all years, it is said that only false cases are increasing in the state. The men who have started this campaign under feminism and as a movement for women’s rights in the state; were very afraid of the rising habit of filing such false cases and wanted to gather evidences beforehand to prove their innocence. They were especially intimidated after the release of 2013 crime data by NCRB which has shown a staggering 15.3% growth in such cases in last year. It is revealed that after Rohtak sisters getting bravery award and the State Commission for Women not being punished for giving bravery award to criminals, the male feminists in the state are very afraid of such cases.

Our secret sources has confirmed that this fear has led to the starting of campaign “Selfie Against Dowry” by these feminist men, where they are taking selfie with their wife as a future evidence that they had not taken any dowry in their marriage and their wife has consciously (without any coercion) has taken selfie with them as a proof. These are mostly the men who fear immediate false cases under IPC 498a. Legal experts are saying this may save these men from false cases in near future but not in the long run. They said, a wife can always create new stories of dowry torture to implicate her husband.

Our secret sources have also confirmed that some MRAs are planning a gala celebration over this self- made defeat by these feminists. They believe that this campaign actually shows everyone how the false dowry case menace has increased in the state.



3 thoughts on “Feminists fooled by “Selfie Against Dowry” campaign

  1. This has become an open secret now. These femin9st men are actually potential MRAs and need help to get away from feminist terror and oppression. We need to help them. They can do “ghar wapsi” by dialing 0 888 2 498 498, a helpline created for men in distress. Afterall they are also victim of legal terrorism:
    **Akhir gunehgaar hoon, kafir nahi hoo main**


  2. What woman, woman parents asking boy How much property boy has, how much salary boy is getting during proposal discussion. Some girls asking directly. Some cases woman parents are asking.

    In turn boy, boy’s parents should not ask. There are lot of men facing this issue.

    My question to the society, why men should not asking. Where is equal rights to the men.


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