After Rohtak Sisters, many women await bravery award

Rohtak Sisters Bravery

Haryana State Women’s Commission Vice Chairperson Suman Dahiya giving away bravery award to the sisters

After the grand success of two Rohtak sisters in getting bravery award from Haryana State Woemn’s Commission, many women criminals have started expecting similar award from State or National Commission for Women (NCW) –


We could find some women who are ahead in the race of bravery award –

1. Ramya K, Bangalore (Jun 4, 2012)

Ramya K, Murderer

She had cut her husband into 12 pieces and then for 18 months she was not caught. Her bravery was revealed when another criminal confessed of selling a carving knife to her.

2. Fathima Dhuru, Kalyan (Dec 18, 2012)

Wife kills husband, chops into 11 pieces

She along with her boyfriend killed her husband and then filed a missing complaint with the police. But police was sure to expose her bravery in a short but intense grilling. Looks like her story of bravery was suppressed by Nirbhaya case and NCW missed her bravery so far.

3. Unnamed Mother-Daughter duo from Ahmedabad (Dec 24, 2012)

Bravery award3

These unnamed bravehearts both had relation with a businessman and then conspired to kill him and chop him into pieces. Their story too was suppressed under huge mob frenzy after the Nirbhaya case.

4. Reena (posthumous), Jahanpur (Sep 14, 2013)

Bravery award5

She is contending in the list posthumously as she committed suicide after showing her bravery.

5. Dhaneswari Devi, Jharkhand (Jan 04, 2014)

Women criminal

Looks like Dhaneswari Devi was a home maker. Well, we don’t know what kind of home she was making.

6. Shivani Patni, Dwarka, Delhi (Jan 05, 2015)

Women criminals

However, her story of bravery was officially revealed by media after a long time. English mainstream media that tried to belittle her bravery by claiming that Amit was a criminal later didn’t bother to take it up. Only some local Hindi media has published this news

Delhi techie murder

Probably that is the reason her bravery is still not recognized by NCW.

7. Farzana Malik, Vadodara (Apr 24, 2015)

Women criminals

She had cut her husband just because she didn’t like his dark complexion. She is surely leading the race.

8. Shilpa Reddy, Bangalore (June 12, 2015)

Woman murderer

She wanted to elope with her cousin. Didn’t mind killing her husband in the process.

With Rohtak sisters getting bravery award, it looks like there is a spurt in bravery from women. Our simple google search revealed three such incidents in seven months from Rohtak incident that can claim similar bravery award from NCW. This frequency is much higher compared to previous years.

Looks like NCW and Suman Dahiya could truly inspire women to show bravery. Some critics however are saying NCW has become Nationalized Criminal Women that being a civil court gives bravery awards to criminals. These critics see great humiliation of Indian Supreme Court and entire legal system as so far no formal court could give such bravery certificate to any one.

This is probably what ‘Acchhe Din‘ (good days) mean.

*a Humaar exclusive



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