India in 2030

The Male Factor

Welcome to India in 2030!

We have seen many overwhelming changes in India in last two decades. In fact last two decades are known as golden era for ending oppression of Indian women and achieving gender equality. As the national commission chairperson Mrs. Ganjana Tumhari says “Ever since the brutal Delhi gang rape case in 2012 Dec we have become more active in working towards women empowerment in the country. Thanks to participation of media and general people now we have made sure that we hang the culprits even on suspicion of future rape. In this way we have prevented a lot of potential rape cases and could contain the number of rape cases only to 30 lakhs a year with 95% conviction. Since different groups were protesting about low conviction rate in rape cases we have made rape equal to empowerment today. Women are given huge compensation on complaint of rape. So now…

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