More Indian women want to get raped as rapists run for cover

Analysts have come out with really intriguing stats to show that more and more Indian women are getting fond of being raped while the rapists are running for cover.

It is found by comparing the census data of the years 2001 and 2011 that the percentage of men who are refusing to rape (read marry) is increasing in India.



Of the overall male population in India it is found that there was a 4% increase in men who were refusing to rape whereas the females who wanted to get raped seemed to have increased to almost 50% in 2011 from that of 42% in 2001.

Some international groups have done study that had shown 75% Indian wives are raped by their husbands and 90% suffer domestic violence. Since feminists also claim most of the women don’t even raise their voice, we understand that their statistics included almost all Indian men including those who went out to support women’s rights like –


These poor men didn’t know that the women for whom they fought for were actually thinking of them or their sons as rapists. Feminists also said that at least 30% of such married women are raped like Dec 2012 Delhi gang rape. Those men who fought for women’s rights probably need to ask women like the writer of this article to know more –


Some of these international surveys have shown that Indian women do not even understand that they are being abused. That is what Barkha Dutt claimed on her debate on NDTV. So the statistics that 75% women are raped can actually be more. It will surely include everyone who wanted death penalty or other cruel punishment for rapists. Now they need to get hold of rapists in their families and castrate them. Well that may include themselves, their fathers, their sons.

Now ‘rape is a rape’, so those men can’t be biased against victims in their own house.

Some MRAs think we will have gender neutral marital rape law. But Flavia cleared that perspective too in her article, when she said – suppress Article 14 and invoke article 15(3). How does it matter if there already exists marital rape under IPC 498a, and more than 45 different legal sections for women we have under 15(3)? And still Indian rapists need to be happy that they are not lynched or given death penalty and feminists are actually very kind to them.

Flavia says – “there are gruesome sexual abuse every night.” Skeptics raise their eyebrows as the analysis shows that in last decade more percentage women has shown interest in getting raped and men have run away. Those who ever got into marriage, they either committed suicide or became separated or divorced. The skyrocketing suicide rate of married men show us how these rapists are running away from the opportunity of raping their wives every night.

Census and Marital Rape

Flavia said, 3 years imprisonment under 498a is not enough, women want more punishment for their husbands. Now those who still don’t understand that when there already exist one law then why feminists are asking for more? We would like to tell them that it’s their choice you know, they  are only asking for increased jail term and not castration. Well, though we can’t guarantee that they will not ask the same later. Some men want to send their wives to jail, too. Will Flavia support them too?

Flavia said, ” marriage is the only option these women have to ward off destitution”. Now we know why more women want to get raped and only rapists run away. After all, how can women get empowered without robbing some men, sorry rapists. Those rapists only have right to earn for women or die. Feminists are after all giving them good opportunity to live. After all, we live for others and that makes us feel better, right?

Now read what Flavia has said, denying sex to wife is also cruelty and certainly you rape your daughter when your wife denies sex. A woman is a mother, please respect her –

Father acquited of rape charge

cropped-humaar.jpgDon’t rape your wife. UN is watching. If you can’t castrate your family members or yourself UN will come and do the needful. After all 75% Indian housewives are raped and 30% are raped like 2012 Delhi victim. Now find out rapists in your family.

*Humaar Comedy / Parody / Humor


9 thoughts on “More Indian women want to get raped as rapists run for cover

  1. More reason and impetus for men to abandon marriage due to this new indoctrination with fudged up fake stats.Women now even become more rebellious over their own husband and healthy conjugal relations would be absent.Men would feel threatened from approaching their wives and love making would be reduced.It leads to isolated individuals under the same roof each competing instead of complementing and becoming even a greater slaves of corporate money making culture. Women ….say good bye to motherhood.


  2. Amazing write up Partha !! I’m reblogging this one !! In addition to liking this and shaking my head in deep thought about the Rape Epidemic we live thru !!


  3. i am sure the crime rate increases and i wish more women get raped brutally even with animals. i am fedup with this one sided bias law and most new gen women are EVIL PERSONIFIED. Die and rot in hell women!!


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