MRAs lost their way, ended up in police station


A bunch of MRAs who were protesting against IPC 498A on 5th May at Jantar Mantar Delhi, lost their way and ended up being arrested.

A police spokesperson from parliament street police station in Delhi said, that they were going loitering around parliament and were arrested for breaking section 144. It is said that a total of 126 persons were arrested.


Feminists however didn’t waste this opportunity to lash out at MRAs. Commenting on this incident, leader of Worldwide Oppressed Women (WOW) Ms. Pidita has said, MRAs are already diverted lot. No wonder they have lost their way.

Feminist Sanjana Kumari said, this incident proves that men always need women with them for proper direction. Unless MRAs understand that, they will always be lost.

When we said that there were some women MRAs too in the crowd, she said those women might be forced by the men to join them. She demanded a high level inquiry into the matter of women being part of the lost crowd. “This is the reason we want to empower women, so that they don’t fall in trap of men easily”, she added.

Commenting on the incident another famous feminist, researcher, writer and Supreme Court advocate Sylvia Agnes said, this is the reason we wanted marital rape to come in force at the earliest. She described women being forced to lose their way by men as a symbol of how Indian women can be manipulated by men in their everyday life. If this happens in broad daylight, then imagine what happens in the for walls of bedroom.

However, new found celebrity Deepika Kumari who fights for men’s rights in India didn’t agree to the feminist logic. She said it was my choice to go to jail with my fellow brothers.

It is reported that MRAs have faced misandry even in police station where women were released earlier than men but those refused to go without their brothers.

Sociologist Mira Krishan, who has been appearing in many debates recently has commented that “the fact that women didn’t want to go out of the PS, shows our patriarchal mindset. Even women don’t understand that they are being oppressed. This shows that international researchers are right that women undergoing domestic violence or rape do not understand the wrong happening against them. This is the reason why international organizations like UN Women need to interfere in their daily life including bedrooms”. She has supported another criminal law provision for marital rape this way and said, when women don’t understand that they are raped UN needs to interfere without fail. She also added that men’s demand of a men’s commission is oppressive and will create gender bias is the society.

MRAs however are not ready to accept this. Commenting on this Mr. Birup Sarkar a well known MRA has said, “we don’t need international monitory of our bedrooms. Feminist comments make it clear that they actually don’t want women to speak their mind and stand up against feminists.”

Looks like men’s rights groups have gained some brownie points by being arrested after their dharna at Jantar Mantar. Their cause was discussed in parliament and a Haryana MP came to their dharna place in his own (without invitation) and asked them to give a memorandum to him with their demands so that he can speak about them in parliament. Analysts are seeing this as a big win for MRAs and feminists have all reasons to worry because if more men become anti-feminists then UN campaign HeForShe will surely be in doldrums.


One thought on “MRAs lost their way, ended up in police station

  1. Thank u very much for ur support . It shows we Mras on the right track to disslove false 498a 406 and domestic voilence. It seems our rally had affected worldwide. As u ppl r just a 0.00001 part of it. Thanks for writing above u wrote . It gives us more strength to fight for these false and one sided laws.


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